As some of you may already know, day trading stocks has earned itself quite a reputation over the years.
Looking back in history, Day Trading stocks started becoming popular when Internet access was made widely accessible to the public in the mid-late 1990's. This type of trading involves buying and selling stocks with the intention of only holding positions for a single day. Some traders will place one or two trades each day, while others will place several trades each day on several stocks. If you are interested in getting started Day Trading stocks, the first thing to understand is that this is not a "get rich quick" method of trading that never fails. One of the main reasons the failure rates are so high is because the majority of people starting out Day Trading stocks only have one thing in mind- to make a lot of money quickly and easily. An important part of learning how to be successful at trading stocks is to keep a record of, remember and study the losing trades. While doing any type of trading or investing, always remember that being successful will not be determined by whether or not you have losing trades, it will be determined by how you plan and react for the times you do have losing trades.
On the surface, the intraday trading of equities and non-directional options spread trading would seem to be mutually exclusive. 1.  The greatest time periods of focus for most day traders are the  first and last hours of the trading day.
Over the years, I have seen several people (including myself) lose fortunes while trading stocks, and I’ve found that invariably, it would be for the same reasons.
My finance professor used to joke that any stock that goes down in value becomes a long-term investment. Traders are born during bull runs: this is because they assume that their success with stock trading during a bull market is a result of their market timing skills, rather than due to the perpetual upward movement of stock prices in general.
Most ordinary people who decide to become traders are bitten by the stock market bug during bull markets.
The sad truth is that some of these stocks will never rebound, at least during our lifetimes.

I’ve been subject to the vagaries of the market and Lady Luck far too often to continue trading, so I gave it up a long time back in favor of long term investing, which has been much easier on my wallet and my nerves. Probably the best approach to trading is an unemotional one, when you just think of it as a job. There are numerous traders following different systems of trading that each have their own advantages and disadvantages.
It was the same time period that several online trading companies were launched for individual traders. There is no strict guideline or magic number as to how many trades each day works and how many doesn't work.
Analyzing the losing trades to see what went wrong and what you could have done to prevent or minimize the losing trade from happening again in the future, will determine whether or not you will be successful. Day trading depends to some extent on strong directional movement that allows the day trader to get long or short a stock at at the right time and then ride that direction until an opportune time to exit emerges. Most experienced and successful options-spread traders avoid those hours of the day and prefer to enter and exit their positions between the first and last hours, so as to avoid substantial movement while executing strategies where a great deal of movement during execution can be problematic. Here’s why and how trading stocks and market timing have cost many a poor soul their nest egg. If you liked this article and wish to read more about the economy, stocks, investing, credit cards or other topics on personal finance, please consider subscribing to this feed. Making the wrong decision about what stocks to buy and sell and at what time can result in bad outcomes. It’s all a big gamble really and the only half sure way of profiting from the stock markets is by investing long term. Day traders tend to have super high portfolio turnover rates, which leads to trading costs and short-term taxes cutting into your profits. They can also choose when to trade and are not liable to rules that make trading compulsory for a certain amount of time. This is quite different compared to an investor, who buys a stock with the intention of holding the position for the long term and anticipates increasing value over time.

Non-directional options spread trading (income options trading), on the other hand, thrives when the market channels tightly, making no serious moves in either direction. Once traders learn the basics of income options trading, they can enhance their returns by leaning their positions using their market bias.
The successful ones usually learned how to trade options without a directional bias at first, then, when they became competent, learned how to merge their directional bias with their non-directional trading skills to enhance returns.
Trading is one of the only occupations in the world where there are literally no barriers to entry. Make no mistake about it trading is a business and if you’ve failed to plan, you’ve planned to fail! E­­mini has fast become a trading system that is the most accessible to anyone wishing to trade stocks. If you have a lot of other things going on, making a lot of trades each day takes a lot out of you and becomes stressful to the point where it is unecessary and counter productive. In order to be a day trader, not only do you have to have a strong stomach, but you have to outperform the market by more than the extra costs required to be a day trader. Now certain systems impose pattern day trading rules on traders which means that the traders should have a minimal amount of capital with them which is usually around $25,000. A move big enough to allow a day trader to thrive may be close to irrelevant to an income options position, which is built to profit within a range of market prices over, typically, a 30-90 day period.
Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight.

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