Currency trading is a kind of commodities exchange much like stock or futures markets only the trading occurs between the values of different currencies. Despite the fact that it is a volatile market (with high possibility of financial loss) currency trading is the largest financial market on the planet. The second reason for the change in currency’s value turns out to be the foreign exchange market itself. It happens like this — an investor makes a speculation about the value of a given currency based on current events or some other inside information.
There are plenty of benefits to currency trading when considered against any kind of market equity trading.

Since one country’s currency is always a different value relative to another currency, the difference that exists becomes a trade-worthy commodity. Depending on whose estimate you believe, there is about $2 trillion traded in the currency market every day.
Forex is also flexible – there are no fixed lot sizes and you can trade all around the day (whereas stock trading is only open 9am-4pm EST most days. We think of the New York Stock Exchange as a large financial market, but when compared to the currency market, the $50 billion traded on Wall Street seems like pocket change.
The currency market is simply enormous, partially because it involves traders from all over the world and partially because its only commodity is cash.

If you can come up with a currency trading system that works, then you can make some money. Traders can profit when currency values rise and fall, as long as they pick the right direction in a trade.

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