This technology leverages the cloud to free users from having to worry about processing and storage work. Cloud Computing technologies don’t require any type of specific infrastructure from the user and provide cross-platform access at any time from anywhere. Endpoint Protection provides cloud-based cross-platform protection for all your endpoints, minimizing maintenance costs and resource usage. Cloud computing is one of those buzz words that is constantly heard throughout the computing industry. All of these are forms of Cloud-based computing.  The key to making it cloud computing is that, to perform any of the above tasks, you need to use services over the Internet.

This concept has been the basis of an entire business model that provides services and computing resources over the Internet. Therefore, if you are looking for a business antivirus that provides best-of-breed cloud-based protection, look no further. No need to buy any specific hardware since everything is in the Cloud (is Cloud based), which will drastically reduce the infrastructure costs. No need maintenance experts since the Cloud based solutions management is maintained by its creators from the cloud.
Increase the productivity of your IT department, since they will only have to focus on your business, not on tools configuration, since the Cloud technology configuration and maintenance is as easy to use as your email.

If you are new to computers, you are probably asking yourself what cloud computing actually means.

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