It’s sad to start this way but i must say that  more than 25% of binary options traders (including Nigerian traders) out there trade by simply guessing the market direction.
As a trader, you must learn the rules of the game, develop a particular strategy that works for you and then maintain the working strategy. There are many ways to trade binary options including using both fundamental and technical analysis.
Like Forex trading, you can also trade binary options using technical guidelines and its associated indicators like Fibonacci, MACD, moving averages, RSI but the problem is that most times, these technical indicators do not fit in very well with binary options. No doubt, you can develop a strategy  that works for you by using either technical indicators alone or Fundamentals to trade binary options. Look, if you don’t use this system to trade binary options, any other system you will use to trade may ultimately fail you because the binary market is more like gambling and no 100% stable and sustainable strategy has ever been mapped out to trade it. If the trade goes in your favor, you will get $35 – $5 and $15 (total $20) in losses from Step three, and give you a profit of $15 in total.
Then, as swiftly as possible, approve that $100 trade and set up another trade, this one for $25, and immediately select “APPLY”. By trading $125 between two simultaneous trades with the same entry points, it becomes possible to make more profit. Notice that the payout for the first trade is set at $170, and the second trade is set at $42.5.
As long as you are following this method by the letter as well as the golden rules shown below Step 5, your odds of winning this trade are of 100%. You don't have to think twice about what i tell you in my tutorials because they're genuine and can give you maximum profits. Deposit 2500 or more and get 5 risk free trades of 100 each or 500 in total volume No restrictions !!! 60 sec trading- We will try to enable its availability for the entire day but we reserve the option to disable it in case of extreme low volatility. The option builder or ladder, in case that are offered, will be available until 15:00GMT only. Both The option builder, ladder or FX in case that are offered, will be available until 17:00GMT.
Trading binary options is one of the easiest yet most fulfilling ways of trading financial markets.
Binary Options are designed to provide an exciting trading experience, even in quiet market conditions.
Our mission is based on providing the highest level of service to a very discerning trader.
The Services are available to and may only be used by individuals or companies who can form legally binding contracts under the law applicable to their country of residence which may include countries like the United States, Canada, North Korea, Syria, Lybia, Sudan, and any other jurisdiction in which trading activity of this kind may be deemed illegal. Binary options is a form of tentative trading wherein the returns are either a pre-agreed amount or can even be nothing at all. Forex which is foreign exchange trading and involves all the major currencies like the EUR, USD, GBP, JPY and AUD. Knowing about the underlying asset is crucial as binary options derive there value from here. One must know how to interpret the market as there are many ways to analyze the statistics and markets. Opting for a diversified trading strategy is important in order to minimize the overall risk and maximize the final outcome. There are two major types of analysis when trading binary options which are technical analysis that involves analyzing indicators by searching for the price and action and fundamental analysis which is driven by the analysis of news. The indicators which are very important and useful when trading with binary options are Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastic, Moving Average and Donchain channel. There are two types of Binary Options trading tools – the first kind are trading tools such as Roll Over ( Extend) and Close Now (Stop Loss), which are provided by the binary options broker and available to use after purchasing an option. Reversal is where the value of the asset moves in just one direction and there are chances of it moving back in the backward position. Straddle strategy is where both Call and Put option are set on the same asset as it’s high and low points. Due to its simplicity and exactitude, binary options trading is an ideal option for beginners to start trading but one which requires minimum time to learn and start.
A key factor for beginners trying their luck at binary options trading is to choose the right broker to start with.
When undertaking binary option, a person must understand that they are not actually buying an asset when purchasing a binary option; in fact they are making a speculative investment on the behavior of an asset over a predefined time frame. For all those thinking about trying their luck at binary options trading, they must know that it is a great option as it hardly matters whether the price of the asset goes up or falls down.

Practically there are a lot of things which any person must understand if thinking of options trading.
Binary options trading is a kind of financial market that has been getting a lot of attention recently. Trading stocks has become increasingly popular over the last several years due to the introduction of CFD. As the biggest market globally, the forex market by virtue of the volumes of trade can be very confusing. Online trading is increasingly rising in popularity, and has been mostly centred in the Forex and binary market options.
Trading in binary options involves trading a range of assets and making profits on the prediction of the direction of the price. Trading is best done when there are large bouts of activity from different traders across the globe.
Assets such as currencies are meant to have 24 hour trading times, but there are specific times of day when the activity is increased. Not all the assets operate during the same hours, hence it is important for you to be aware of the different trading hours of the different assets. You should be aware of the European markets such as the FTSE and the DAX that have trading hours of 07h00 to 15h30 GMT and 08h00 to 16h30 GMT respectively. A simpler method of keeping tabs on the trading times is to place the commodities under its trading exchange. You should determine the most suitable binary options trading time by linking it to the times you spend online. Binary Options are a relatively new financial product, there is substantial coverage across the web but many seem to take the shape of one stop bucket shops.
Yet a binary option acts as a powerful financial product, and can be used to incorporate FX, commodities and event based trading objectives. The reason for this capability lies in the fact that when you trade a binary option you do not own the physical stock but instead gain exposure to the underlying markets. We are currently in the process of adding new questions every day - so please bookmark us for future reference.
It is a way of trading where the trader has only two possibilities that is why it is named as the binary options trading. The trader will experience harsh results in the case if he fails to plan the trade wisely in advance because it may increase the chances of your defeat.
If you want to get success and high profits in binary options trading then, you have to be patient and calm in the volatile market situation.
Provided there’s no technical fault or any major news releases, the entry points for both trades can almost be the same. Because they are “binary” – once you decide on the direction, everything else just requires time. Without limiting the foregoing, our Services are not available to persons under the age of 18 in most jurisdictions or 21 in other or otherwise under legal age ("Minors"). Forex market helps in carrying out trade and transaction between countries and is an investment opportunity for investors ready to take some risk.
Stocks can be sold or bought on an exchange and there are many types; common stock and preferred stock. Also daily market updates and analysis are very easily available online to make informed decisions. One can even choose to trade multiple assets together rather than staking a large sum of money on just one asset. The chart on the broker platform is not a reliable source for long term success in this trading. This is where investor might choose to buy a Call option if the price has just got depreciated or a Put option if the value has just appreciated.
For people who have an experience of trading with traditional options, commodities or forex they can easily use their existing knowledge to try their luck at binary options. The assets that you will be working with in this market operate under different trading times. By the same token, the US dollar, the Euro and the British Pound are normally more active during the London and New York overlap session.
The stocks of the major companies based outside the US are normally traded as American Depository Receipts on the US stock trading markets. If your intention is to trade stocks, you should keep a note of the relevant stock trading hours. This means that the S&P and NASDAQ will be operative during the US trading times and the DAX30 during the hours as set by the DAX.

The level of creative interpretations of binary options can lead to its financial meaning being somewhat diluted. By implementing a binary option you can trade on both a positive or negative trading movement enabling you to profit from both positive and negative pricing structures.
There are a wider range of underlying markets available, from gold and commodities right through to the S&P 500 or economic events such as the latest US non farm payrolls. However unlike their options trading siblings a binary option can be traded within a strictly limited risk contract. The basic concept behind this financial term is that the trader or investor has to speculate or predict the accurate value of a commodity or an asset before its expiry. Moreover, you have to collect information about the asset types and the way it works on the binary trading. This form of trading has gained ample popularity in recent few years chiefly due to its simplistic nature of up and down.
This investment constantly burdens the minds of the investor about being aware which is the best time to sell the asset to prevent exposing the entire account to the volatility of the trading market. After this the asset one wishes to trade must be selected with the expiry time and one of the two options, which are Call or Put options.
Also there are many brokers who offer trading signals and advice to meet with the trading needs of individual investors.
For those who do not wish to install the software on their computer there are live charts available online where indicators can also be set for free.
It’s ideal to choose an expiry level that lays in between the two strike prices and means the investor gets successful in a dual way in case it does not work then also the loses are minimum, as one option ends in the money. For those who are totally new to trading it’s always recommended to first learn the basics and then practice with a demo account before putting their hard earned cash on the line. This can help newbie’s in knowing about how the site works, what are the kind of pay outs and loss and refunds, if interested in long term trading. Also the prediction of how much one can lose or win helps in better keeping a track of their money and also prevents huge losses while minimizing risks and maximizing returns. Also, it’s a known truth that anyone can start making money in the binary options market in no time!
It is important for you to be aware of the trading times for these markets because it will affect your binary options trades as the volatility of the markets will affect the price direction. The overlap session of the Asian and London, and the London and New York trading times are the most active periods.
This means that you should make use of the US markets when checking the best trading times for stocks. If a trader urges to reap maximum profit from their investment then, you have to select a competent and reliable broker.
Trading market is highly volatile especially for binary options transaction that is why the financial professionals and experienced traders work enthusiastically to implement the latest strategies with the aim to lower the risk factors and boost the outcomes or profit. IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY, PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR SITE Website operated by Go Trading Technologies Ltd. Also, the money needed to get involved in this is lesser with so many registered and experience brokers so easily available to help any newbie try hands on this trading.
Binary options trading on the other hand is very simple and here the level of stress an investor faces is very less as the timeframe for which the movement of the asset has to be determined is predetermined and already known.
Most investors trading in binary options have accounts with multiple brokers due to the varying nature of returns and trade types.
The domestic currencies related to the trading zones active during these overlap times will be the most active during those periods. The traditional strategy of hold and buy is no more a success secret in the unstable market of binary options trading. Traders see this form of trading as an amazing opportunity to earn loads in a time as less than 30 seconds.
If the direction chosen by the trader is correct, the payout listed on the trading screen will be the payout provided to the customer as profit. When the time ends, the set return will get added in the account in case the trading was successful or will get deducted if it was not. Conversely, if he is unable to predict correctly and the trade dies then, he will not loss above $50. It is of course recommended that traders choose a proper money management strategy which limits the total consecutive trades or total outstanding investment.

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