Let's say you discover a stock that has just taken off in price and you feel like you're missing out on the big gains.This large movement entices you to get into the trade. I won't go over the trade details just know that I chased strength and I paid the price for it. Highly volatile stocks have the most potential for quick gains, however they lose money just as quickly. The Ugly Truth About Options Success Sep 23, 15 06:15 PMThe ugly truth about options success. A List of the Best Free and Paid Options Trading Courses Sep 23, 15 05:31 PMThe option profit formula options trading course is not for everyone so here is a list of other option courses. Options Trading Course - How I Was Scammed and What I Did About It Nov 26, 14 05:54 PMI've bought several options trading courses and was scammed several times.

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A measure of how much a stocks price moves up and down.Stocks with high volatility have wild up and down price swings, and low volatile stocks have slow and steady price movement. You can take advantage of this volatility by selling your options at a higher cost.The only time this doesn't happen is when the expected move of the stock has already been priced into the option's value. While it is believed to be accurate, it should not be considered solely reliable for use in making actual investment decisions. Pick a trading style that fits your personality.I prefer the slow and steady way, it's more predictable. It may take awhile for everything to sink in, but once it does this will be second hand nature for you.

So even if the stock has a violent move up or down the option may not move as much as expected. I don't have the stomach to watch the stock and my profits go up and down and all over the place. Options are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to potentially rapid and substantial losses. Actually, that is how I raised money to pay for my wife's engagement ring and our honeymoon.I made a few quality trades with a volatile stock and in a few weeks I was done.

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