There are unique platforms being launched by several stock brokers and stock research companies to attract investors. This social market platform allows investors in India to trade in stocks using virtual money. Learn and get contextual information based on training needs, including stock news, twitter feeds, research reports etc.
You can track top performers and opt to replicate their trading activity and trading ideas. Investors would get doubt that, if everything is free, how Religare Trakinvest would get its revenue.
Bashar Bhuiyan November 10, 2014 at 10:02 pmVery good and nice article on online trading for newbies.
While long term investing methods are the best way to go in order to grow your assets over time, you may still feel inclined to try your luck with stock trading. In closing, I would suggest that you check out the Virtual Stock Exchange or any of the other sites and virtual trading communities listed in this article.
You might be knowledgeable about the information that the stock trading can now be done online without any harassment and standing in a queue.
There are names are Wall Street Survivor, Moneybhai Investor, MarketWatch,, and Mock Trading.
If I personally mark all these five virtual stock exchanges then I would have rated the Wall Street Survivor with the highest marks. With the amount between $2 and $500,000 you can sell as well as purchase virtual stocks online. is a stock market game that has overcome all the bottlenecks related with the timing and scheduling problem. MockTrading is the simplest website I have ever seen with such virtual stock trading facilitates. Last week Religare Securities Limited partnered Singapore based financial technology firm Trakinvest and launched Virtual Trading Platform for stock investors.
This would help investors to improve their skills in stock markets along with several other important benefits. Users need to register themselves on the website and they would get Rs 50 Lakhs virtual money to start building their winning stock portfolio.
Click Here To Review Top Stock Forex Futures Brokers A Special Offer from MetaStock Includes discounted pricing, free live training, free data, free home-study training materials, and more. Auto trading software bestbinarytradingukindustrialsize mikes trading applications for people. The world-famous company’s shares are also available in this virtual stock trading for you to purchase as well as sell if you have them.
Become and expert in the stock trading game using and its latest stock trading features. This is a cutting edge virtual trading platform which benefits investors who are looking for research reports which comes free of cost.
Users can learn, enhance skills, follow from fellow traders, copy their ideas, download 12,000 research reports for free. They don’t charge for basic services like trading virtual money and accessing research reports.

A complete technical analysis charting software platform with free investing trading training.
This virtual stock trading service provides you with all the information you would be in need of.
If you are going to purchase any share that should not exceed your cash in hand $100,000 virtual money.
They charge a basic subscription for advanced analytics, talent identification and also earn money through  campaigns and advertising on the trading platform.
You can do risk analysis online, look for the history of your activities in this virtual stock exchange service and you can also modify your orders anytime in this website. Simple stock basic concepts by actively trading software bestbinarytradingukindustrialsize. All the data and information provided by UMOO is there to help players compete effectively and fairly while improving their financial trading skills. Stock Market Games are relied upon by investors of all levels including MBAs, financial professionals, investment clubs and college-students.
Tharp's Trading Game Rockwell Trading Home Study Course Free Complete Guide To Day Trading Over 40 video tutorials have been divided into 6 learning sessions to give you more than 7 hours of priceless information on what it takes to day trade the financial markets.

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