Virtual Money which is mostly known as digital money or e-currency can be easily sent by using the internet. PayPal and WebMoney helps us in sending money to anyone online, on the basis of usage a small fee will be charged for the transaction. Find a funds transfer service through online and create a new account, you need to enter some of your personal details also. Finish your verification which will be sent from the virtual money service like address proof or any other identity.

The Most commonly used funds transfer service are PayPal, Xoom, Moneybookers, Perfect Money or AlertPay.
In some cases a small amount will be charged from your credit card and the same will be deposited back into your account. Imagine what would happen if you lose those envelopes.What I do is that I create virtual accounts in the budget planning software I use.
If I am able to bring it down to positive, then it means probably I am probably giving up on myself or getting better!You will also be able to monitor whether you saved up enough for that gadget you would always want to purchase or the vacation to the Maldives you have been dreaming of.ConclusionI do hope this is helpful for everyone.

Your paycheck or income from other sources normally goes into this real account.once it is in there, you transfer an x amount to your virtual account.

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