A: Actually, yes, many people view RSI and other oscillators as better-suited for ranges than for trending situations.
The hit rate of the indicator is about 85+% in most currencies, and higher in the currency pairs recommended in the next chapters.We advise that you read and make sure you understand the entire system before putting it into practice. TRIX is a remarkable trend following-indicator: its main advantage over the similar indicators lies in its ability to filter a large portion of the market noise. To make TRIX react faster to changes in a trend, we recommend using TRIX period = 12, with the signal line = 4. Despite the versatility and accuracy of the TRIX indicator when it comes to filtering out market noise, it is still recommended to pay attention to other indicators and signals that can help to improve trading performance.

FXIndicators, indeed thanks very much for this great assistance you are offering, and with such grace.
Innovative technical analysts have made certain observations regarding the RSI during trends. This articles presents another perspective, that RSI can be used very effectively to identify and trade trends. The main principle of the indicator is special custom trend indicators complex + price action filters - All in one!
In this way, the often overlooked RSI can become an important tool for any forex trader looking to identify and potentially capitalize upon the frequent trends that occur in the forex market.

Zero-line rejects are patterns originated by the trader, Ken Wood, who trades almost exclusively on the CCI indicator. However, if you read the article above, I mention that in trending situations, the RSI often fails to reach 70 or 30 (depending on the direction of the trend). The vast majority of technical traders and analysts that use RSI simply have it on their charts as a confirmation tool for momentum readings during ranging markets as well as divergence indications, as mentioned.

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