In the first video of this series, problems with the raw TRIN values were identified and a Better TRIN Indicator developed. This TRIN Indicator video goes through 5 different ways to use the TRIN Index to pin-point market turning points and improve your trading.
Divergence patterns on the TRIN Indicator occur when the market advances but the adjusted TRIN value is negative or vice versa. These TRIN Indicator divergence patterns are shown on the chart above as red and white dots on Emini daily bars. You can build a very useful oscillator by cumulating the adjusted TRIN readings and then measuring the distance from a moving average. Turns in the Better TRIN Oscillator are shown on the chart as red and white dots on the price bars.
To see how clear the signals are using the Better TRIN Oscillator, compare it to the commonly used RSI. An even more powerful way of using the Better TRIN Oscillator is to follow divergence patterns against price. In mid-July 2007 the market was still advancing but the Better TRIN Oscillator had made a lower High – an early warning signal of a 160 point drop in the Emini. If you’re a day trader you can also use the Better TRIN Oscillator on intra-day charts. These Better TRIN Systems are very robust, have never been optimized since their release in May 2007 and continue to make new equity highs.
Alan B.Lot better than anything I've come up withI like what I've seen with your daily TRIN - a lot better than anything I've come up with. Jason E.Thanks againThe Better TRIN Oscillator gave a great heads up to what was about to happen!
Steve C.Not price correlatedYour Better TRIN indicator is very interesting because it is not price correlated.
Mark J.Easier to read and its interpretation more intuitiveThe Better TRIN conveys the same information as the TRIN but in a much more intuitive form. Bob P.Can't thank you enough for the Better TRINI find your insights most interesting and helpful, and also, you make me feel that I'm not alone out here on the trading sea. Rick J.Use it every dayI have found the Better TRIN indicator very useful and I use it every day. David B.Best indicators I've looked atNot only has the Better TRIN been one of the best indicators I've looked at, but for only $70 with a nice follow up email, it seems too good to be true!
Brent McC.Best thing I've found for seeing the real trendStill love the Better TRIN, it is the best thing I've found for seeing the real trend.

Robert A.Amazed by the accuracyI am amazed by the accuracy of the Better TRIN and Better Put Call Ratio Oscillators. George F.Great rewards!Great site, great articles and as for the Better TRIN which I bought a few months ago, great rewards! SatejIndispensable for my Emini tradingFirstly, let me tell you that your indicators have helped me turn my mediocre index futures trading results to consistently profitable levels.
Wei Y.Well worth the moneyI looked at the Better TRIN code and I really like what you have done. James E.Thanks for making them very affordableI very much like your Better TRIN and am learning the best ways to use your Better Sinewave. Eric P.Use the Better TRIN and Trendline indicators every dayI use the Better TRIN and Trendline indicators every day. Robert T.Even works on the Dax FuturesYour Better TRIN System even works on the Dax Futures and if you reverse the rules it works equally well on the Bund Futures - although the TRIN is derived from other markets! Sigmund H.The TRIN now makes sense to meI really love the Better TRIN which now makes sense to me. Jason B.Recent short signals were excellentThe Better TRIN indicator and strategies are great!
LorenI have yet to see Barry Taylor put out something that isn't superiorI have yet to see Barry Taylor put out something that isn't superior. CCLSYS, moderator Big Mike Trading ForumVery impressedI purchased your Better TRIN indicator a while back and am very impressed to say the least.
Ramon C.Profit factors of the Better TRIN systems are quite amazingHaving written many complicated strategies of my own, I have to say, the profit factors of the Better TRIN systems are quite amazing, considering the strategy is basically using just one indicator for it's decision making.
George C.So intuitive and easy to useI am so amazed by the work you have put into your products, they are so intuitive and easy to use. Joseph N.Thanks again for another 20 points on the EminiYou really need to get some kudos for the Better TRIN. Steve M.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm really enjoying the Better TRIN indicator and it has already helped me several times in a few swing trades.
The 4 Better TRIN indicators shown in the videos and charts above are now available for sale and immediate download. Since the TRIN Indicator re-sets at the beginning of each day, a market advance is assumed to be when the Close is greater than the Open. Looking back on the chart you can see how well this single indicator warns of potential market turning points. I then use some simple mathematics to sharpen up the turning points and make the indicator crystal clear to interpret.

Looking back on the chart you can see how well this indicator alone confirms market turning points and measures market momentum. Daily Emini bars are shown at the top of the chart above, then the Better TRIN Oscillator and at the bottom of the chart is the built-in TradeStation RSI. Any minute or hourly bar interval can be used, but unfortunately a TradeStation restriction prevents tick charts from being used. And the best signals will be turns in the Better TRIN Oscillator that are in the direction of the intra-day trend. Some example Better TRIN Systems are included in the Better TRIN Indicator Package, available below. But, most of all, I simply can't thank you enough for the Better TRIN, which should be called 'The Taylor Oscillator'. In my three years at this I've never really taken the time to learn the TRIN, it always looked too erratic, arbitrary and upside down! Everyone else seems to be charging so much money and I appreciate the fact that so much of your stuff is free or a nominal fee - very refreshing. I've found it extremely useful when applied to some of my trend following systems, its addition increased my profit factor and avg $ per trade substantially! The 'Better' isn't just for Barry Taylor - it's for an essential indicator improved to convey more actionable information in a clear, concise manner (which is essential for analyzing a volatile market). His Better TRIN swing-trading system makes steady money, is far better than many highly expensive systems and costs about $50. I was going to go home short on Wed but because Better TRIN went nuts on the long side I covered and reversed.
I laughed today when I heard your description of the TRIN system - 'just such a machine!' Couldn't agree more, this is a great addition to discretionary trading. I don’t suggest you use this indicator alone but combine it with other non-correlated market indicators to confirm turning points more accurately. The result is the Better TRIN Oscillator shown in the chart above, plotted beneath daily Emini bars.
I think Mark would be impressed - your daily TRIN system is indeed better than Oddball which runs on 60 min bars.

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