The ultimate guide to trading systems, fully revised and updated For nearly thirty years, professional and individual traders have turned to Trading Systems and Methods for detailed information on indicators, programs, algorithms, and systems, and now this fully revised Fifth Edition updates coverage for today's markets.
Packed with examples, this thoroughly revised and updated Fifth Edition covers more systems, more methods, and more risk analysis techniques than ever before. When it comes to the last word on trading systems, one namestands out from the rest, internationally: Perry J.
The definitive reference on trading systems, the book explains the tools and techniques of successful trading to help traders develop a program that meets their own unique needs. It continues to be a relevant, comprehensive guidebook and cookbook of trading system methods. Presenting an analytical framework for comparing systematic methods and techniques, this new edition offers expanded coverage in nearly all areas, including trends, momentum, arbitrage, integration of fundamental statistics, and risk management. Kaufman * Features spreadsheets and TradeStation programs for a more extensive and interactive learning experience * Provides readers with access to a companion website loaded with supplemental materials Written by a global leader in the trading field, Trading Systems and Methods, Fifth Edition is the essential reference to trading system design and methods updated for a post-crisis trading environment. A prominent expert on systematic trading, he travels internationally, lecturing to funds, governments, and portfolio managers.

Comprehensive and in-depth, the book describes each technique and how it can be used to a trader's advantage, and shows similarities and variations that may serve as valuable alternatives. He carefullywinnowed out those that had outlived their usefulness and heintroduced newer tools and techniques, more suitable to the tradingenvironment of the moment. He began his career in the aerospace industry, working on the navigation and control systems of the Gemini space program. The book also walks readers through basic mathematical and statistical concepts of trading system design and methodology, such as how much data to use, how to create an index, risk measurements, and more.
The markets captured his attention in the early 1970s, and he was one of the first to develop computer models for making market decisions. It now featuresexpanded coverage of risk control--from the level of theindividual trade to the portfolio, and everything in between. Kaufman developed a portfolio optimization program that operates on disjoint equity series output from a trading environment.
Italso contains dozens of updated and entirely new charts andexamples, along with more programs and spreadsheets.

He has created market-neutral strategies, stat-arb trading methods, short-term program trading for cash, and derivative market instruments for institutional and commercial applications. He gets you up to speed on the full range of tradingessentials, including trends, momentum, arbitrage, and more.
In 2002, he taught a landmark course in systematic trading at the graduate school of Baruch College.
And heprovides you with a complete understanding of each method andtechnique covered--highlighting the similarities between themand describing useful variations on many--while providingexpert tips on how to deploy each to your best advantage.As the markets evolve, so must the strategies you use to tradethem. Perry Kaufman is the author of several popular trading books including A Short Course in Technical Trading and Alpha Trading.

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