The Online Trading Academy is one of the only stock market platforms that offer live training.
Because the Online Trading Academy focuses so heavily on the education end of stock trading for beginners, they are limited in trading features. We really like how Online Trading Academy caters information specifically for stock trading for beginners. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Online Stock Trading for Beginners here.
They offer five-day courses with in-depth curriculum covering the basics of the stock market for beginners.

If you're concerned about cost, take advantage of Online Trading Academy's free half-day classes that give you a taste of the five-day courses.
Other questions or comments can be directed through an online comment form, phone or through any of their social media outlets. They have live and virtual training courses for two knowledge levels – beginner or advanced. For those who want to learn how to trade stocks online, students have the option to access content virtually as well through online webinars with topics ranging from stocks to forex to options to futures. Training topics cover wealth management, stock trading and other specialty courses like technical analysis strategies.

We wish they had an option to put the methods you learn into practice, but the company doesn’t have trading tools.
They have an eNewsletter that is sent out with articles and news, and they have a daily radio broadcast, Power Trading Radio, with tips and tricks. All of the writers and commentators are experienced traders with great insight on trading for dummies.

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