It is recommended to join some of the Virtual Stock Exchange games and test your trading skills before you start trading with real money. The usage of virtual stock markets for newbie's to practice and master new skills and for families and friends to play versus each other has been expanding rapidly.
Virtual Stocks Exchange Advanced Settings Among advanced settings you have the options to allow or not short selling, trading on margin, limit and stop-loss orders, set trading volume limitations, set default brokerage commission, set credit interest rate (default is 4%) and also debit interest rate for trading on leverage (default is 6%). Before Your First Virtual Trade Once you set up your own or join any available virtual trading games, you can post your first trade. You must have heard a lot about swing trading but there is a good probability that the day trader in you would deter you from venturing into this lucrative arena. Swing trading strategies basically involve buying stocks and holding them overnight where the holding period is usually 2 days (minimum) but can go onto weeks and months, depending upon the trader’s judgement and decision. As opposed to swing trading, day trading requires stocks to be traded within the day and nothing is ever carried over to the next day.

You should only venture into swing trading if you have the ability to manage the risks that come with it.
Read about the rules of the game and also get familiar with the rules of the stock exchange you intend to trade and general trading rules as well.
Dukascopy is Swiss forex broker, which provides marketplace and highest liquidity for on-line forex trading. One of the reasons why people are reluctant to participate in swing trading is the fact that the stocks are held overnight and this increases the risks for your investments. As mentioned earlier, the fact that the stocks are held beyond the day has a profound impact on the risks associated with the investments. The stocks should also be selected only after carefully evaluating them and understanding their implications on your financial capabilities. The moment you hold stocks beyond the day, you expose it to risks associated with changes in valuation owing to the insurgence of sudden news.

Should the market react negatively as a response to a news or any other market stimuli, the prices of the stocks could fall and this would bring the trader in a loss situation.
If you need to build big gains in stock trading, then you need to use swing trading as the more you hold the stocks, the more chances you get for ensuring profit arising from increased stock valuation. Moreover, you should evaluate your financial strength and ensure that you have adequate expendable investment capital so that in case of a loss while using a swing trading strategy, you are not left in a complete mess. But there is also the chance that a merger or a partnership could increase the stocks’ valuation and this would bring the trader in a profitable position.

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