Team Fortress trading essentially comes down to this: you have a hat, and someone else has a hat. But these tools doesn’t have to be used to make a profit or to buy items to resell, you can simply use it to search for hats and items that you want to buy, and help you find the best prices on all the trading sites. There’s really just a few major sites when it comes to price checking your items, I would suggest you check out each of the sites that I recommend and then pick the one that you like the most, no need to use them all, pick a favorite and stick to it.
On you can search for pretty much any TF2 item that there is, and check what the price is for it.
Please be aware that the site Foxygamer generates revenue for itself and writers through a number of affiliate relationships, including (but not limited to) Amazon, J!NX and Redbubble. This part is for all you new players to Team Fortress 2, who might not know the basics of the TF2 trading system. A important part of trading is knowing what your items are worth, it can be hard to know what every little items is worth in TF2, so you need some tools to help you, luckily there’s plenty of sites where you can check the prices on TF2 items. I would suggest you get to know this site and start using it right away, it’s also a great site for selling your items, you can easily list your items for sale here.
If you want to know more about item quality I suggest you head over to the TF2 wiki where they talk about it more, you can find it over here. First off I will start with sites where you can buy and sell items, these site are great when you want to either sell or buy a item. So now you know the basics of TF2 trading, you know about the currencies, trading sites and where to check the value of things.
The site is free to use but it has a premium membership available with additional features, the free version of the site is still great, but the premium membership is amazing, if you can afford it and you like the site, get it. Last but not least, here are some quick advice and tips that isn’t crucial when trading, but it will help you.

The best way to explain this site would be a online store for TF2 that sells items under the current market price. In TF2 you can paint certain items with coloring buckets, the color cost a lot, some paints costs 1 key+. When crafting weapons into metal in TF2 you need two weapons for the same class to make a scrap metal, and sometimes your weapons isn’t for the same class and you end up with a bunch of weapons in your inventory. It’s still a great TF2 trading site that everyone should use, it has so much potential.
In this guide I will try to not make that same mistake, I will give you a trading guide that shows you all you need to know to get started with trading, a complete guide for new players who wants to start trading and more importantly wants to make a profit and earn them self some sweet loot.
The next currency after refined metal is TF2 keys, the prices for keys change all the time so I suggest you head over to a price checking site to see the value that a key currently has, but more on that later on in this guide. Another great feature is that you can create your very own calculators with the items in your and the person you’re trading withs backpack, check out that feature over here. I’m not going to explain how these sites work and how you make a listing to sell or buy a item.
You can get the premium membership for 1 key for a month or a 1 rec for a day, if you like the site I suggest you try 1 day of premium, you will love it. You can also trade other things then Team Fortress 2 items, you can trade Dota 2 items and Steam items like game gifts, trading cards and all those annoying Steam smiley and what not. Both are very similar guides, and both are pretty boring to do, but they do work and they’re a great way of getting started with TF2 trading and getting some items. A scrap banking site works like this, you go to these sites and then you add a trading bot, you can then trade the both any two weapons and get a scrap from it, no matter what class the weapon is for, it’s very convenient. And like with all price lists of TF2 items you should take the prices with a grain of salt, they’re just suggestions after all.

I would suggest using, you can search for any TF2 item there and see what the value of it is. One of the reasons is so that they can get access to your TF2 inventory, so they can see what items you have. You can also use these sites to get the weapons that you want, they always have a big inventory with a lot of weapons you can get for a scrap or less. Make sure to check out the other parts of this site, like the Giveaway section, where we give away free TF2 items, or the other TF2 guides where we have a bunch of guides on how to get free TF2 items. That really should be the beginning and end of the Team Fortress 2 trading system, but the fans have taken it and turned it into something much more complicated.
It’s also important to have your Steam inventory to be set to not Private in order to use these sites.
What I do is I head over to all the major trading sites (see above for a list) and I make listings to buy these hats, TF2outpost is a good place to start, go there and make a listing saying you’re buying these hats. It’s a site that the community of TF2 runs where you can check people out and see if they been reported for scamming before. But before you head in, there are a few things you should know.¬†First, run TF2 in a window so you can consult the Item Price Spreadsheet.
Also, there's the backpack viewer, a site that people will refer you to in the chat sometimes so you can see what they have to offer.

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