60 sec trading- We will try to enable its availability for the entire day but we reserve the option to disable it in case of extreme low volatility.
The option builder or ladder, in case that are offered, will be available until 15:00GMT only. Both The option builder, ladder or FX in case that are offered, will be available until 17:00GMT. Silver – Silver was faced with a spike in downward pressure which resulted in a capitulation sell-off in this precious metal. EuroStoxx 50 – The EuroStoxx 50 has enjoyed a solid advance, but a technical breakdown is likely to occur over the next few trading sessions. The Services are available to and may only be used by individuals or companies who can form legally binding contracts under the law applicable to their country of residence which may include countries like the United States, Canada, North Korea, Syria, Lybia, Sudan, and any other jurisdiction in which trading activity of this kind may be deemed illegal.

The 50 DMA is trading above its 200 DMA in a bullish crossover which has allowed price action to accelerate to the upside, but the AC was unable to confirm an extension of the move. I have been trading the markets since 2004 and have been involved with stocks, binary options, and forex trading since then. The Accelerator Oscillator (AC) shows a positive divergence which suggests a change in momentum is likely while the Relative Strength Index (RSI) confirms the positive divergence and also indicates that price action is trading in oversold territory.
The AC has formed a slightly higher low as compared to its previous intra-day low which points towards a potential reversal while the RSI confirms that Silver is trading in extreme oversold territory which is not sustainable.
I have had no formal market education and pride myself on a self taught approach to everything related to trading. The AC confirms the advance, but the RSI suggests a potential change in direction as a negative divergence formed while price action is trading in overbought territory.

IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY, PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR SITE Website operated by Go Trading Technologies Ltd.
If the direction chosen by the trader is correct, the payout listed on the trading screen will be the payout provided to the customer as profit.

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