The combined strengths of Scottrades’ award winning trading platform, Scottrade Elite, market research and low commisions make for a great place to open an account.
Scottrade has hundreds of branches across the United States that their customers can go to for investment advice, rollover help, tax assistance, legal questions and believe it or not TRADING ADVICE! Navigating the research area, just like the rest of the Scottrade website, was simple  and straightforward. Scottrade has won Best Overall Client Experience from 2012-2015 for all discount brokerages and offers the most personalized customer service out. Scottrade also offers a large selection of commission-free mutual funds, but does not have commission-free ETFs.
Trade platforms and tools: Scottrade’s trading platform, ScottradeELITE, is unfortunately only available only to customers that have an account  balance of at least $25,000.
Other customers can place trades through Scottrade’s online trading platform which has no balance or trade requirements. Mobile apps: Scottrade’s has a mobile app that is well-designed and fairly advanced, allowing customers to place trades, monitor market performance with watch lists and  access research.
Account minimum: Scottrade doesn’t have a minimum for IRA accounts, which makes it ideal for beginner investors.
The primary reasons to open an account with Scottrade are for the low commissions, excellent customer service and availability of trading tools and research.
Scottrade is a well-designed online stock broker that can meet the needs of both novice and advanced traders.

There are four different online trading platforms: Scottrade, Scottrader, Scottrade Elite and OptionsFirst. The Scottrade website has a knowledge center with tutorials to help you learn the best way to use the company's online trading tools.
Pros Scottrade has a fully equipped knowledge center to help you make your trading decisions.
Not only does Scottrade have a quick quote box on the top header, but it also has one on the left sidebar and footer bar. One feature that is pretty slick and exclusive to Scottrade clients, is the Scottrade SmartText functionality. They are experts in answering questions regarding new accounts and using the website or the Scottrade Elite trading platform.
Scottrade also has  no inactivity or annual account service charges plus very competitive mutual fund trading fees of $17. Scottrade also has an extensive online education center, with live webinars, videos and articles.
It offers plenty of features as a trading  platform, including customization, advanced charting with 30 technical indicators, watch lists and, of course, streaming quotes and live news updates.
Chances are good however you will never step foot into an office so while it’s nice, it’s not the primary reason to go with Scottrade.
Scottrade is designed for the average online user and provides basic stats and good account monitoring tools.

To make the platforms fit your needs, you are able to create up to three home pages for viewing your account and trading information. Scottrade offers a wide variety of investing options, including IRAs, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, stocks, bonds and international investing.
Scottrader is stepped up a bit, with live streaming stock quotes, personal stock lists and free Dow Jones news. If you have questions or need additional assistance with your account, Scottrade's customer service is available over the phone, by email, via live online chat, through social media or in person at your local branch. The trading platform lets you customize which tables are displayed and how they are arranged.
If you need additional assistance with your online trading, Scottrade's customer service representatives can be accessed in person, over the phone or online. It lets you access advanced option trading tools, like risk assessment, market watch, hot lists and option chains.

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