Tradeweb Markets has launched an electronic marketplace for trading European-listed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), through its regulated multilateral trading facility (MTF) operator Tradeweb Europe.
The initiative follows the joint venture announced in February this year between Nomura, the Asia-based investment bank, and Tradition, one of the world’s leading inter-dealer brokers.
The two companies partnered to create Navesis-ETF, an electronic ETF trading platform designed to increase transparency and efficiency, boost market liquidity and reduce costs. The launch of Tradeweb’s offering, which will likely compete alongside Navesis-ETF, reflects growing competition among rival trading locations to attract ETF trade flows as assets in the industry continue to boom. Try to find professional advice from a qualified stockbroker, financial planner or technical analyst.
Share in which there are actually regular and day-to-day dealings, as distinguished from partly effective stocks in which dealings (buy-sell) aren't so frequent. Eleven dealers are currently providing liquidity to the marketplace, which supports trading on a risk, closing NAV or agency basis. Electronic trading helps asset managers meet best execution requirements”, said Enrico Bruni, head of European markets at Tradeweb.

Do some research about the risks of investing in the share market and spend time gaining knowledge on how the stock market works. If you are not going to take it seriously and put in hard work, do not even start.The first two rules seek to adjust your attitude towards day trading.
Keep refining it and add to it.If you have your trading plan in your computer, open it before the trading session each day.
If you have it printed out, place it beside your trading computer where you can see it.The Alpha and Omega of Day Trading4. Alpha – Sit on your hands for the first 15 minutes of the trading sessionThe first 15 minutes are usually very volatile, without much price action available for analysis.
Each trade contributes to a feedback cycle that can improve our trading performance.Each trading session starts with doing nothing and ends with reviewing everything.
Waiting for the bull run of the century is not for day traders.Use a trading platform that allows you to enter stop-loss orders and target limit orders together with your trade entry. As long as a stock is acting right, and the market is right, do not be in a hurry to take profits.22.

Taking the best trades is so important that we devoted an article on it.Day Trading Rules That Will Save You9. When in doubt, lower your trade sizeLower your trade size when you are in doubt of your trading edge.
Accept losing days when day tradingSomehow, day traders expect to end each day with profits. If you refuse to accept losing days, you will do stupid things like overtrading and ruin your trading account pretty soon.The last three rules are lifesavers. Cancel reply Get Updates via EmailSubscribe for TSR updates and get a free eBook - “Day Trading with the Anti-Climax Pattern”.

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