The Dojo's Energy pool limits the amount of rooms that can be constructed in a Dojo, but not decorations, which are limited solely by capacity. Though it is not officially documented, at the present time, the Dojo only supports up to 100 rooms. Certain rooms available for construction within a Dojo require that another room be constructed first. To queue a room for construction, the architect must locate a door displaying the words, "Available Node." This door usually bears white lights, as opposed to "Dead End" doors which display red lights. If there is not enough Capacity or Energy to support the selected room, the architect will be unable to queue the room for construction. During this phase, a gold hologram of the room will be displayed on the other side of any accessible doors while it waits for the resources required to build the room. At any point up until the room is fully funded, the architect may access the contribution dialogue and cancel the room's construction. Once a room enters the Construction phase, the gold hologram will change to the standard dark blue color, and all accessible doors to the room will display a countdown timer and a circular progress indicator, showing the amount of time remaining until construction will be completed. During this phase, construction cannot be canceled, and the room will continue the countdown until completion.
Note that destroying rooms such as Research Labs will not reset any research projects that have been completed within that lab. Any resources that were initially spent to fund the room that was destroyed (including Credits, Forma, or Platinum) will be refunded to the Clan Vault only.
Note that certain conditions must be met before the Dojo will allow an architect to queue a room for destruction. If the room in question is a prerequisite for other Dojo rooms, none of the other rooms can be present in the Dojo.
Organization Rooms consists of Barracks, Clan Hall, Connectors, Elevators, Halls, Small Gardens, Large Gardens and Reactors. Interactive Rooms consists of Oracle, Bio Lab, Chemical Lab, Energy Lab, Orokin Lab, Tenno Lab, Dueling Rooms and Obstacle course. Decorations available are as follows: Banners, Cairns, Drums, Garden Arch, Incense Container, Koi Pond, Planter, Rock Sculpture, Storage Crate, Trading Post, Treasury, Wooden Bench, Yin Yang Garden, Bushes, Floor Plates, Fountains, Lanterns, Bronze Asian Statues, Grineer Statues, Totems and Trees.

Dojo Rooms can be colored with Polychrome Decoration, which is found in the Esc menu, not the room control panel, like other decorations. Given the cost in time to go back even two or three rooms during the Dojo's construction, extra time invested in the planning process is quickly made up for in the time saved.
These concepts may reference room or decoration types which are further described in the Rooms and Decorations sections located after this Concepts section. The construction of Clan Halls increases the size of this pool, allowing more rooms to be added. If there is not enough Capacity to construct connector hallways leading to where the clan desires a particular Hall to be placed, the clan will need to either destroy decorations or existing rooms in order to free up the needed capacity. Except for Reactors, every room within a Dojo consumes a predetermined amount of the Dojo's Energy. Similar to Dojo main Capacity pool, this pool limits the number of Decorations that can be placed in a given room.
Once the limit of 100 rooms is reached, all expansion doorways that are unused will display the words "Dead End" and prevent the clan from expanding the Dojo further.
This often produces a chain effect, where room D requires room C, room C requires room B, and room B requires room A.
A room can be queued for construction if all required conditions for the chosen room are met.
By interacting with the door, the architect will be prompted with a list of rooms available for construction. Interestingly, when any room cannot be placed where the architect is present due to limitations of space, the room will simply not appear in the list of rooms available to be queued.
Resources can be donated at any door, though the doors will not permit entry into the room during this phase.
Once completed, the architect may go back and queue additional rooms that branch from the new one, or queue the room itself for destruction, if they wish. Once initiated, the room will become a red hologram and a countdown timer will be displayed on the room's control console. Once refunded, these resources may be contributed by a Treasurer to fund research projects, new rooms, or even the reconstruction of the destroyed room elsewhere for no additional cost to clan members.

Any active Solar Rails or research projects must be canceled or allowed to complete before the room may be destroyed. The Polychrome Decoration will disappear after the room is colored and can be placed again then. Even though it's not mentioned in game or elsewhere 100 rooms is the most that can be built. This tends to become a tedious and frustrating activity, especially given that Dojo rooms require either 12 or 24 hours to construct, resulting in a process that could range from a week to around a month, depending on design complexity.
There is no way to bypass this requirement, nor can a room be destroyed if it is used as a prerequisite for any other room currently constructed within a Dojo. Selecting a particular room will display the associated costs and construction times, as well as display the room's map tile and a brief summary of what the room is. This is most often observed with large-scale rooms such as Clan Grand(est) Halls, the Hall of Honor, the Observatory, and the Obstacle Course. The destruction process requires two hours to complete, after which all players present within the Dojo will be forced to reload the map, after which the destroyed room will be gone. Once the 100th room is built any open nodes in the Dojo will say "Dead End" even if the space behind the room is free. Those who did not upgrade were able to keep the original tileset, however, it was locked down and no further changes to room structure can be made, despite the room space or resources available.
As with Capacity, if a desired room requires more Energy than is available in the pool, the room cannot be added. If a player is present in the room queued for destruction at the end of the countdown timer, they will be teleported to the Dojo's spawn point upon reentry into the map.
If a Decorations requires more Decoration Capacity than is available in the room, it cannot be placed.

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