Richardson brother-in-law Tobe Turpen (who build his own trading post in Gallup) helped build the original store in 1925.  Build of  masonry warehouse, a  wooden trading area, and 4 small one-room-shack picket-post cabins, all lacking electricity and running water. At this post, the Assiniboine, Crow, Cree, Ojibway, Blackfeet, Hidatsa, and other tribes traded buffalo robes and furs for trade goods including items such as beads, clay pipes, guns, blankets, knives, cookware, cloth, and alcohol. Nailed to the north wall of the guesthouse (A2) are an assortment of wanted posters and miscellaneous objectives requisitioned by the Swordlords of Rostland and other interested parties. Jhod Kavken, currently residing at Oleg's Trading Post, seeks the location of a lost temple to Celestan.

Some of the Navajos would to travel a long distance to get to the trading post could take days of travel, so  the Hogan was provided to stay overnight. Built in 1828 by the American Fur Company, the post was set up not as a government or military post, but as a business, established for the specific purpose of doing business with the northern plains tribes. Guests were always treated as family, fed & housed by the trading post during their stay. This trade business continued until 1867 making it the longest lasting American fur trading post.

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