This chart above shows the future contract for the last 30 days from 6th November 2015 to 9th December 2015. After the OPEC meeting, which took place last Friday (December 4th), the price of oil decreased as they decided to continue to produce. In 1996, NYMEX began providing companies in the electric power industry with secure and reliable risk management tools by creating a series of electricity futures contracts, to meet the particular regional needs and practices of the power industry. European, Australian and South African coal futures are traded on the Inter Continental Exchange (ICE).
Here we can find all specifications about futures contract regarding the contract unit, price quotation, trading hours, grade and quality. For the NYMEX futures market, coal contracts specify delivery zone by seller to the buyer at barge terminals on two limited sections of river located in Central Appalachia.
Since FOB and CIF are the incoterms mainly used under these contracts, thus the delivery point is when the crudes are on board a named vessel at the port of loading (terminal). Future expectation: It can be foreseen, that the pressure from an oversupplied market next year and storage capacity issues would continue to drive the price down.
New quotation of the futures price (including prepayment of “delivery-out” charges by seller).
We can notice a short term carry in recent futures – as reflected in spot prices wich have slightly fallen this past weak. We continue to recommend to go short futures and long the market as we believe the prices are going to keep increasing in the near future because of the actual supply shortage which we believe to be stonger than the weak demand.

NNPC will not renew swap agreements under which it delivers crude oil in return for gasoline and kerosene. With these tips in mind, you are better placed to trade in oil commodity market by yourself.
The implication is that the Ruble inflated and became Bearish to prevent recession; in fact Crude Oil is the main export of Russia. The reason is El Nino (again) it has damaged the crops, so the futures harvest won’t be as high as expected and the price goes up. Roughly two-thirds of all crude contracts around the world are Brent contracts, making it the most widely used marker of all.
This would break the 10% “blend wall” and could cause damage to engines according to oil companies.
In the open market, you will find that majority of oil sold there, is done in form of futures contract. Pick the exchange on which you would like to trade your contracts by basing on the type of crude oil you prefer. After you have completed opening your account, you can now start buying and selling as many contracts as you are able to.
It can make Russia the biggest oil and gas producer, which will then have the power to manipulate the prices.
Also as front month futures are going to close, the volume of contracts increase due to the traders buying out their position and selling for February.

These contracts are a form of financial derivatives where one party agrees to make a delivery of a certain amount of a specific commodity to the other party at a date which has already been agreed upon for a set price. These varieties differ greatly by both the consistency of the crude oil and the location where crude oil is available for purchase.
Still you may find that some oil is usually sold directly to buyers at the point of sale, though it will be easier for investors to trade in crude oil on a regulated market exchange. For instance, crude oil that has got high sulfur and viscous, is known as heavy sour crude. Each exchange offers different kinds of contracts with different requirements to its traders. This reminds us of Saudi Arabia’s policy and is another argument for pure traders to expand across the value chain by acquiring assets that offer more optionality in trading and are a prerequisite to secure business with some customers. Similarly, you may find that crude oil in isolated areas is less valuable than those which are easily transportable and costs less to bring them to the market.

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