One beautiful Sunday morning in Vietnam when we analyzed the principles in which riches may be accumulated in time with the power of your thoughts and a fire burning desire.  Your thoughts and purpose will be smoothly coordinated, and your energy be concentrated and applied which transcends everything. For me, having a life worth living starts with happiness, doing things in your own pace, love what you do, satisfaction, good planning with specific purpose that you want to attain in life and making a difference to someone’s life is usually the result of having a meaningful life. It’s so sad to see, the things that matter most to average people are “salary checks”, people are in a position to trade their time (your future) from a regular salary in order to cater a temporary lifestyle, paying off debt or providing support for their families.
It’s really important that you know what time and money freedom actually looks like for you to know your reason why you wanting it.

If you want to stop trading your time for money, you must learn how to leverage your time and money.
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They don’t belong to any corporate world, no boss and they do not beg for any pay raise or looking forward for yearly bonus.

My name is Jeng Cua, a mother, a wife, a driver, home-maker, a dreamer, a friend, a mentor and a network & internet marketer who loves to empower people to get the result they want for their business.

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