If you’re a new player in Elite Dangerous and are looking for a simple and guaranteed method for profit then I recommend you consider trading. Trading is a very simple concept to grasp: You buy lots of one thing at one station, and then sell those things to another station for a higher price. Upgraded Cargo Rack: As you get more money from trading, the first thing you will want to do is upgrade your cargo rack. This will cost you over 150,000,000 CR alone to buy, however, with the amount of cargo space that you have, it is very easy to make that money back.

The fact that you can carry a lot of cargo that you can sell to other stations for profit and there being relatively little to no risks involved with trading means that if you want to make money, trading is your best bet, although it can get very, very boring. This can be a little dangerous, as hitting other ships or even stations can damage or destroy your ship.
This is because if something happens to your ship, then it will most likely cost a lot of money to buy it back considering the price of the ship, your ship's parts, and most importantly the cargo that you carry. However, very good trade routes will net you around 1,000 CR per ton, which can very easily get you a lot of money when you get the highest cargo rack, which has 256 spaces.

You cannot buy back any cargo that you lose, so you should never spend over 70% of your money on anything to be safe.

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