In forex if you risk 2% from your equity you can lose 2% at most but you can earn from 0% till x%. IF you have $2.500 and you trade 1 mini lot with stop loss 50 pips than your risk is 2% ($50 is 2% from $2500).
But if you consider these options with Binary Options as advantageous in favor against Forex possibilities, be careful, as not every broker has it. That is if you already know a thing or two about trading markets, stock market, the Forex market and similar markets. For example, you order a guess of the currency pair or a stock value will increase in 1 hour from now.

One lot can be about 1000 units of your chosen currency pairs, but it can be a smaller lot, or for those with bigger appetite, you can trade on a larger scale, millions of dollars.
First of all binary options trading does not require a large amount of capital to start with. Traders have embraced the fact that automated trading can alleviate the problem of emotion. If you are not fond of stock markets, but rather would like to give it a try in the Forex market, try to see if the Binary options is the right thing for you.
You can lose all your investment portion (for example all 2% which you risked) in trading currency pairs.

If you think the price would increase, you should buy one lot of this currency pair and wait until the value of euro would increase so you sell it for 1.3092 dollars per euro. In Binary Options, depending on your broker, you can save sometimes up to 15% of your initial investment. If you invest a hundred dollars, and your option turns to be a winning one, you will get 80 dollars.

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