Andrei Knight is a highly sought after speaker and coach for professional traders and individual investors alike. I’ve trained hundreds of traders over the years, and can think of perhaps three or four former Pro members who gave up and went back to their old jobs. Not sticking to their system and trading plan, and losing all faith in themselves and their analysis the moment the markets tick a bit against them.
I invest in the fund that I manage, so whenever I make a trading decision with my clients’ money my own is on the line as well. Trading Forex for a Living is being published by Harriman House and will be released during January 2011.
Thank you for helping to understand the financial markets and it’s background in a simple way. About the BookMaster the forex game with secrets used by the world's top institutional traders.
Trading Futures and Options on Futures involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

Trading CFDs and Forex can be very risky and you can lose much more than your initial deposit. His first book will be called ‘Trading Forex for a Living: A Practical Guide to Achieving Financial Independence with the Foreign Currency Markets’. I lay this business of forex bare, pointing out the pitfalls to avoid, and help readers create a solid plan for leaving their jobs and transitioning to trading full-time. In almost every case they left us in favor of jumping into live trading after only a month or two of training and practice, thinking they knew everything. The cure for this is to do more long-term, scenario-based analysis, and to resist the temptation to jump into or out of trades mid-candle. I am someone who loves keeping up on news and current events, and trading provides me with a way to act on my opinions of what I see happening around me. People kept asking for help and advice, and so I shared what did and didn’t work for me.
Pehar shows readers how, in this practical guide to achieving financial independence with the foreign currency markets.

You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources.You may lose all or more of your initial investment. It will also show them how to supplement their income with trading, make a full-living as a trader, or even start a business and trade for others. You know you’re on to something when you catch yourself a bit sad as things begin to wind down on a Friday afternoon, and actually looking forward to the following Monday.
Software can help automate some trading tasks, but let any robot run long enough unattended and it will eventually empty your account.

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