Equity ETFs offer a tremendous range of options that can be employed in a variety of trading strategies. The 5 Stages of TradingPsychologists have created a model for assessing how people change their behavior. I believe that traders can learn some useful trading lessons from the motivational quotes by Albert Einstein. Losing is part of the game but recovering is not an easy task and requires smarter trading decisions. So if your trading account is down 50% after 2 months, you’ll have to double your remaining equity to break even. Making mistakes is normal but rather than give up, try to learn something from your own trading mistakes, bad strategies, emotions etc. When you have no other source of income and you only rely on speculative gains in the most volatile market, tension will most likely increase dramatically, leading to irrational trading decisions. This entry was posted in Forex education and tagged Albert Einstein, keep it simple, tips for traders, trading education, trading for a living, trading lessons, trading mistakes, trading practice on December 18, 2010 by Liviu. This is a very good set of trading lessons that we can learn from, and may I say good set of illustration, it gets your imagination working not your typical boring article, this is really a good one. Warning: All the information on this site is provided "as is" for INFORMATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, not intended for trading purposes or advice.
Cost of living is the amount of money it takes to sustain a certain level of living, including basic expenses for goods and services such as housing, transportation, food, clothing and household goods.
While some companies provide a cost-of-living stipend, others may offer a higher salary to compensate for increased living expenses. Limit orders normally specify a maximum price to be paid for a purchase or the minimum price to be received for a sale, though they can also be time-constrained. Limit, stop, and stop limit orders can be valuable tools for managing your trades, especially when it comes to protecting you against unexpected price movements. The ETF is an excellent investing tool that can give you access to a wide range of sectors, markets, commodities, currencies, and even leveraged and inverse options through a trading process that is almost indistinguishable from buying a stock.
However, the fact remains that an ETF is not a stock—the many close resemblances notwithstanding—and there are issues you need to understand if you are going to make ETFs a part of your trading strategy.
When it comes to ETFs that include assets that trade on other markets—such as international stocks—you also need to account for these same conditions in those markets.
Finally, since your trading account is almost certainly not tax-advantaged, watch out for the distribution dates of the ETFs you hold. So if taxes are a significant concern for you, watch your trading dates when distribution season comes around. ETFs can be a potent weapon in your trading arsenal, but make sure you fully understand the most efficient ways to use them before you add them to your portfolio. Forex (foreign exchange) trading is a hot area for short-term and day traders, but there are fundamental differences between forex and equity trading.
As it happens, currency ETFs are best-suited for shorter-term trading strategies, speculation, and hedging, though somewhat less so for intraday trading. Broadly speaking, currencies tend to move in price channels, not appreciate over the long term like equities—one of the key differences between the forex and equity markets. As you can see, currency ETFs offer a great means of playing short- and medium-term trends in international economic conditions and currencies without plunging directly into the forex marketplace. If you answered a resounding “YES” to the above questions, then you may have considered trying day trading for a living.
At the end of the day, becoming successful in day trading is just like becoming successful in any other business.
If you are just starting out in the world of day trading, and dream of it one day becoming your sole source of income, here are a few tips to get you started. There are so many different day trading strategies to learn, but when you are first starting out it’s best to keep it basic.

Trend Trading for a Living: Learn the Skills and Gain the Confidence to Trade for a Living by Thomas K. Trade the trend and you can trade for a livingIf you're going to play the stock market, play to win by using a fundamental strategy of most hedge fund managers-trend trading. They offer many of the advantages of mutual funds—primarily the ability to invest in an entire sector, sub-sector, market, or foreign country, as a few examples, along with low expenses (virtually all ETFs are passively managed, like an index mutual fund) and reduced tax liability resulting from fewer capital gains. While it is certainly possible to buy directly into the commodities market, traders who are accustomed to equity trading may be less comfortable venturing into it. For example, the PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund (DBA) tracks a variety of agricultural commodities in a single fund, while the PowerShares DB Energy Fund (DBE) tracks five different energy commodities: Brent crude, light crude, heating oil, natural gas, and gasoline. I think the best lesson is the one about work so many people want to quit there jobs right away and i say that it is better to work and build up equity while trading. Cost of living is frequently used to compare how expensive it is to live in one city versus another. Your company may offer a one-time lump-sum relocation bonus or pay an allowance for a specific period of time (after which, theoretically, your salary will have increased to accommodate the new location). If you accept the job in Los Angeles, for example, you may be able to negotiate for a higher salary based on the cost-of-living increase.
Here we’ll briefly describe the major order types normally used in ETF trading and touch on some advantages and disadvantages of each.
Institutional and professional traders have direct access to the electronic trading networks (ETNs), so their orders will typically get filled more quickly than yours will.
Market orders normally expire at the end of the trading session if for some reason they have not been filled. If you want confirmation of the direction of the move, for example, you might make a limit order.
Plan your trades to rely on the minimum number of such orders, however, because all of them cost more than market orders and will increase your trading expenses.
With so many ETFs available, not every one of them is the darling of investors, and low volume can delay fills of limit orders and just plain make your trades more costly. There have been cases in which certain ETFs—particularly leveraged ones, and inverse funds during the 2008-09 meltdown—generated fantastic short-term capital gains that translated into hefty tax bills for investors. For most ETFs this is in the fourth quarter, and you can research it easily enough for any fund that interests you. If you are interested in the currency markets but would like to ease into such trading, currency ETFs can be a great way to cut your teeth.
For Australia, this linkage results from the fact that it is the world’s third-largest producer of gold, and the positive correlation between the two (meaning the Australian dollar rises when gold does) is over 80%. With oil, for example, we have seen that the Canadian dollar benefits from rising prices, but the Japanese yen would suffer since Japan is a heavy importer of oil.
This is particularly valuable for the trader who is accustomed to—and more comfortable with—equity trading.
In fact, when you consider that Monday is often the most action filled day in the trading week, you would find yourself actually looking forward to Monday morning!
If you are really serious about doing day trading for a living, then you would have to work really hard at it in the beginning. Day trading is a skill that is perfected over time, through experience, learning and trial and error.
To make it in that business, you need a sharp eye for detail, a sense of opportunity, good money management skills, a capacity to handle risk and control emotions, and a knowledge of the industry many other people don’t have. Discover a couple of profitable strategies and put all of your focus on them for now to avoid overwhelm. In Trend Trading for a Living, the trading coach and hedge fund manager known on Wall Street as “Dr.
Commodity ETFs offer a great alternative for adding commodities to your portfolio or speculating on price movements.

An ETF like DBE hedges movements in individual commodities (at the moment natural gas is at historical lows while oil is high and rising), though this aspect is less useful if you are looking for very short-term trades.
While you may not recreate Hillary Clinton’s famous $100,000 profit in cattle futures back in 1978-79, you can certainly apply commodity ETFs in a savvy fashion to hedge or speculate. Over-trading, scalping, over-leveraging, random decisions, greed and the mirage of getting rich quick will turn trading into gambling. It'll be the very first thing I recommend to anyone I know who wants to get in to trading, hands down. Using CNN's calculator: If you currently make $75,000 a year in Cleveland, you would need a salary of $165,049 to keep up with the cost of living in Manhattan, where you would pay more for groceries (37%), housing (373%), utilities (40%), transportation (24%) and healthcare (5%). For example, if you are a Clevelander and you take the job in Los Angeles, your employer might offer a monthly stipend of $1,500 for three years to help offset the increased cost of living. Limit orders are very handy for low-volume or high-volatility ETFs, since they save you the trouble of monitoring for your desired price. It is used for similar purposes as the limit order, in that the trade will not take place until a certain minimum or maximum price has been achieved. Also, the same rules about trading near the session open and close apply to international markets, so watch your time zones when you trade ETFs with international components. Expense ratio is still the top consideration when comparing two similar ETFs (that is, funds that achieve the same investment objective for you), but all else being equal, go for the one with consistently higher volume. While fund managers do generally try to monitor capital gains, if many ETF holders force redemptions, the managers will have no choice but to sell and incur those gains. If you are a trader you can have the best job in the world because you are making your living online.
This makes them unsuitable for short-term trading, so the ETF is an ideal substitute for the mutual fund.
For example, you might choose a gold ETF versus an ETF of gold mining companies, or an oil ETF versus an ETF of oil and oilfield service companies. If your new job was in Los Angeles, you would need a salary of $97,817 to compensate for increases in housing (109%), utilities (13%), transportation (8%) and healthcare (7%). Be aware that with fast-moving ETFs, the price can conceivably gap beyond your stop in either direction. However, if the ETF actually rises in price, you will be forced to buy it at that higher price and lose money on the deal. Similarly, it might make tax sense for you to avoid buying in until after the distribution date passes.
Others are comprehensive, paying for everything from a full-service moving company to childcare assistance, a settling-in allowance, and a relocation mortgage or help with the down payment on your new house. Your employer may sweeten a relocation package with a cost-of-living stipend or offer a larger salary to compensate for a higher cost of living. Similarly, you can purchase ETFs that track the British pound, euro, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Australian dollar, and other major currencies. You’ll want to trade ETFs with such commodity components during the midst of the appropriate market sessions.
Due to this fact, good traders need a traditional approach which includes practice, study, and of course dedication.
The good news is that there are many strategies out there that can help you do your day job and trading job together. This means that you are encouraged to focus on long term opportunities.THE RIGHT AMOUNT TO TRADEA lot of people might not agree about the amount that you need for successful trading. You can implement similar strategies if you already have a hundred dollar or a million dollar trading account.Last but not the least note, you must never do trading for your children or as a form of investment for your kids or life’s essentials.

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