Canada got a bit of a head start, but Poke-trainers in the United States can start trying to catch ’em all in the Trading Card game on iPad starting tomorrow. In Canada, the Pokemon card game is the 24th most downloaded app for iPad, according to data-intelligence firm App Annie. The Pokemon Company is likely hoping the game will catch on with a major audience on the iPad. ChessHeads® transforms the ancient game of chess into an explosive adventure -- complete with fireballs, multi-dimensional vortexes and other-worldly creatures -- a struggle for your very existence on the chessboard!
Even if you're a chess veteran, -- and within just minutes of opening your very first ChessHeads® Deck Builder box -- the power of the cards will launch you into a quest for survival that you never dreamed possible! Qualwirld dimension, ChessHeads® is the new Trading Card Game that you'll enjoy playing against any opponent, from day one! Gamers who have already lived through the 1990s trading card game crazes of Pokemon and Yugioh will find Order & Chaos Duels Trading Card Game a rewarding experience that will be easy to master in no time. The gameplay of Order & Chaos Duels is similar to the layout of other well-known trading card games.
If you have ever followed the crazes of the Pokemon trading card game, the Yugioh trading card game, or Magic the Gathering, then Order & Chaos Duels will appeal to you. In order to get the strong cards you will have to purchase them through the in-app feature. Overall, Order & Chaos Duels Trading Card Game combines the feel of physical trading card games with traditional monster games such as WarCraft and Yugioh.

This brings the digital version of the collectible card battler to Apple’s massive tablet platform outside.
It is the 55th highest-grossing card game on iPad, with players spending $10 and $25 to purchase gems.
Card games are some of the most lucrative on that platform, and the brand-recognition of the pocket monsters could push the app to the top of the charts. This game combines the elements of many past games, shows, and ideas which will appeal to many gamers who have a vast knowledge of gaming. Players can collect cards as they would in real life and battle against their friends on the multiplayer mode as well the spirit of an acient demon named Velik in single player mode. While this game just reflects the concept of the Pokemon card games, it represents Yugioh in the sense that you have to travel and it represents Magic in the sense of the card content.
While the short-term goals of the game are to keep winning matches the long term goal of the game is to build the ultimate deck. The game itself opens up by asking you to select your hero card.You can pick from the human, orc, elf, or undead race, similar to WarCraft III.
When you enter combat mode the cards will do a little animation of attacking each other which gives the game a cartoon-like feel.
Although this game borrows many aspects from games that already exist, it still has its own original appeal.
The digital version was released for PC, PSP, and DS and is essentially a direct translation of the physical game (that is to say the rules are the same and all the cards are based on their real life counterparts) but with the addition of a single player campaign and AI opponents.

The lid fits tightly when closed, and stores conveniently under the gamebox base during play. Before you enter your first battle you will have to play through a very informative tutorial that will help you learn everything you will need to know about your deck of cards. This game will appeal those who haven’t picked up a trading card game in a couple of years.
This is the first Pokemon-related game to make it to a mobile device — although the Trading Card Game is also available on Windows and Mac computers. The rest of the battle consists of having to develop a strategy of using your best cards while balancing your mana. Attacking with a character exhausts that character (exhaust = turn the card sideways) meaning you cannot attack with that character again that turn.
Even better is the fact that plot twists can be played from the resource row (by turning the card face up) meaning you're essentially getting a 2-for-1 deal.
Equipment also comes with a rather obvious drawback- If the character the equipment is attached to gets KO'ed, the equipment is lost as well.PSP VersionAvailabilityMarvel Trading Card Game has not been released for Playstation Network. It has only been released on UMD disc and thus cannot yet be played on a Playstation Vita or PSP Go.OverviewPSP versionIn Marvel Trading Card Game for PSP, the player chooses whether to play through the Hero or Villain campaign.

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