GlobalVision Broker Trading System THE SYSTEM THAT PROMOTES HYBRID BROKING IN THE COMMODITIES AND FINANCIAL MARKETSThe Broker Trading System (BTS) has proven itself to be the preferred hybrid broking system in the European energy markets. Trayport GlobalVision Broker Trading System is an award-winning, multi-asset class electronic trading platform with a sophisticated rules-based matching engine and customisable front end. As many brokers and their clients rely on voice-trading relationships, the BTS is designed to enhance your voice operations to facilitate a hybrid brokerage model for OTC trading, helping you to strengthen your client relationships with the option for electronic deal execution. The system gives your trading parties the ability to view, post, and manage orders, as well as trade multilaterally through your marketplace via your own customisable interface.
With the BTS, you can offer your clients more choice and opportunities for trading, with faster deal execution giving you the competitive edge you need to increase market share. KEY BENEFITS HYBRID TRADINGStrengthen your voice operations with electronic trading capabilities allowing for broker intervention, voice entry, and deal editing.

SOPHISTICATED CREDIT CONTROLS FOR OTC MARKETSCredit matrix and controls allow you to keep track of counterparty credit complexities, identify sleeving opportunities, and eliminate mismatches. DDE LINKS TO MS EXCELSubmit a large number of orders to the market collectively using your own spreadsheets for speed of data entry, such as morning runs and mass updates. ONE API FOR EASY INTEGRATIONUse Broker Trading System’s single API to steamline data flow and achieve straight-through processing, quickly and easily. MULTI-ASSET CLASSOffer trading over a range of asset classes, enabling you to provide more data to traders about correlated markets. RJL Capital Group’s Prime Brokerage Services enable Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Qualified Investors, Professional Trading Groups, Corporate Entities, and other Qualified Investors, to consolidate operational support, easing the burden of valuation, reporting, accounting, and other administrative functions, while maintaining the ability to employ the use of multiple executing brokers.
RJL's Multi-Prime capability provides our customers the ability to choose among Prime Brokers, allowing clients to spread custody risk while pairing specific needs with the Prime Broker best suited to their particular trading styles, strategies and structures.

Execution and Soft Dollar Services are also available through our trading desk, electronic trading platforms, Bloomberg, or FIX message integration with your proprietary or third party trading system(s). Since its creation, the BTS has been adopted en masse by the market, and it has played a pivotal role in the success of the OTC broker markets in the energy and commodity space.
It also gives you, the broker, a comprehensive view of the activity on your marketplace and empowers you to act on behalf of your clients.

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