We can provide application support to any of your existing business applications and software. As the world leader in user interface development tools and User Experience experts, you can count on Infragistics to support the many improved productivity features that Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 will deliver.
Throughout the beta cycle, Infragistics has taken support cases for the prerelease versions of Visual Studio 2010 from developers via phone, online chat, Web site and peer-to-peer forums.
In addition to supporting these key features, Infragistics is looking at including native support for client-side data binding and client-side templates.
Infragistics has continued to advance their Windows Forms user interface controls over the past several releases, and development support for Windows 7 is a big deal. Figure 2 – Infragistics NetAdvantage Windows Forms controls feature turn-key scheduling user interfaces and more as shown by this hospital’s physician scheduling application. Download a free trial of NetAdvantage Windows Forms controls now to add extreme functionality, complete usability and the WOW!-factor to your next application.

From the perspective of developer productivity, the alignment of the design surface across Expression Blend 3 and Visual Studio 2010 allows for a more consistent rapid application development (RAD) experience using NetAdvantage WPF controls. Figure 3 – Infragistics NetAdvantage WPF controls are winners in this high-fidelity, high-performance trading application. Download a free trial of NetAdvantage WPF controls today to realize your next generation of line of business applications tomorrow. Visual Studio 2010 brings a rich developer experience for building Microsoft Silverlight™ 4 applications. Figure 4 – Infragistics NetAdvantage Silverlight controls show-off your talent in Line of Business applications that both inspire and impress. Download a free trial of NetAdvantage Silverlight controls to create scalable, high-performance Line of Business applications on the Web. Download a free trial of NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization controls to add high-end business intelligence visuals in your next Rich Internet Application (RIA).

I started at Infragistics in 2004 as a Developer Support Engineer, where I enjoyed being at the fore front of all the product lines, talking directly to customers, answering questions, solving simple and complex problems. Another addition that might make it into an upcoming release is support for Script Loader, which allows the browser to retrieve all necessary JavaScript files in one HTTP request. In addition to the new Framework and tooling support, you can expect to see new controls and features added to the NetAdvantage Windows Forms toolset that will continue to make them the unrivaled choice of developers everywhere. With the breadth and depth of these high-fidelity user interface controls, you will be creating powerful line of business applications in no time. These new features enable you to create remarkably rich user interfaces that rival the desktop within the traditionally constrained Web browser.

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