If we study Apple's stock price movement since 1997 or after Steve Jobs took the reins back, it appears as if Apple's stock price has synchronized with the overall movements of the stock market. An analyst or an investor familiar with these cycles would understand that it is best to hold Apple's stock during the bull phases, only to get out or even go short when the bear phase initiates. Outside of a few notable exceptions, Apple's stock price tends to ebb and flow with the stock market as a whole.  Given Apple's $580 Billion market cap, that makes perfect sense.

If Apple's stock moves or oscillates with the market, it is best to take position at market bottoms, get out (and even go short) at market tops and then re-establish position at subsequent market bottoms.  And while most people would assume that it would be impossible to time the market to such an extent, I have proven that not to be the case in my previous book Timed Value.
For example, an investor in Apple would get out at the top in 2000, go short to ride the stock from $20 a share to $2 a share, only to re-establish position at the bottom in 2003. An analyst working with Apple would know that Apple's stock is likely to follow the overall market.

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