By default, Tally.ERP9 allows the user to maintain bill wise details only for Trading Accounts such as Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors. An account similar to a bank account, to be opened with a ‘stock exchange registered stock broker’.
Typically, if you sign up with a stock broker, they will guide you on not only the opening of the trading account but also the demat account and linking of your bank account.
Account Opening Charges: This is the fee charged at the time of opening demat and trading account.
These days, most big commercial banks provide trading and demat account services and link it to your savings account. The big advantage of having an account with a Bank (like HDFC, ICICI etc) is that they typically provide a three-in-one-account (i.e. For heavy volume traders, it is advisable to open your account with a specialized brokerage house.

Very nicely explained as how to trade in stock as many of us are not knowing what is stock what is Forex trade etc, so for all those who want to get known or want to start trading your blog will be very helpful for them. Just like banks provide you with the facility to open and maintain saving accounts, in the same way the Depositories* provide the facility to open and maintain demat accounts. Effectively both your trading account and your demat account is maintained by your stock brokers (mostly through setting up of 2 different entities). He has covered Indian markets for over a decade and is regarded for consistently identifying early stage investment opportunities. In India, the government has mandated two entities –National Securities Depository (“NSDL”), and Central Depository Services (India) (“CDSL”) – to be the custodian of dematerialized securities.
In case of some stock brokers, they use the depository services of other bigger financial institutions or custodians and only provide the front end trading account.
Having all these accounts linked to each other ensure that you get a completely paperless mechanism for trading.

Under these plans, the brokerage firm charges you a fixed sum every month and enables unlimited trading for the whole month. As an investor, no one approach is better than the other for you, as typically, it takes the same amount of time for shares to be deposited and withdrawn from the demat account in either case. In addition, this ensures smooth and real time transfer of money to and from your bank account.
If you are an F&O trader implementing advanced option trading strategies, your brokerage charges will surely rack up to an amount much higher than the fixed monthly charge plans offered  by most discount brokers. On the other hand a specialized broking firm will typically provide you with a demat account and a trading account.

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