OK, I have made several live trades with the updated version of the Trader's Way cTrader platform and received very fast order executions with every order placed.
Prior to going live with my trades, it was still very helpful trading with their FREE NON-EXPIRING DEMO to have the ability to use the Level II features.
I trade Forex only, but Trader's Way offers trading; FOREX, STOCK INDICES, METALS(Gold and Silver), ENERGIES(Oil and Gas) and COMMODITIES for the traders who diversify their portfolio.
I think I failed to mention in my prior post that Trader's Way also offers the MT4 platform with ECN, for those traders using that platform and desiring STP (straight through processing only) as well as the CTrader platform.
The best part, it's FREE to try a demo with Trader's Way and give the cTrader or MT4 non-expiring platforms a trial run. One thing really helpful is; once a trade is open, the trade entry, stop and take profit lines appear right on the chart. Investors who use charts to trade with monitor their Forex and futures trading activities using MetaTrader charts.
MetaTrader charts come with customizable indicators using the MQL language in addition to all other scripts. There are numerous MetaTrader brokers through which one can go to and download this software. MetaTrader charts provide the investor ways to monitor and analyze the progress of any foreign currency pairs in which investments have been made.
MetaTrader charts can be used by binary options traders to help them make decisions based on whether the price of their underlying assets will go up or down. At the end of the day, the binary options trader is interested in maximizing their profits. Many Forex Traders are not aware that MetaTrader 4 also has hot keys that can make trading and using the platform more efficient. One of the tricky things about using MetaTrader 4 is being able to remember how to bring up windows like the navigator window and the market watch window. This entry was posted in Forex Articles and tagged bloomberg, forex, forex trading, hotkeys, metaquotes, metatrader, metatrader 4, trade forex, trading forex.
When you first load up MetaTrader 4, you will see four chart windows representing various currency pairs. MT4 can display price data in a range of different ways, including bar, candlestick, and line charts.

You can re-size and re-arrange all the open chart windows by clicking and dragging in the usual way. TradersDNA is a forex and financial news and resource portal offering economic news to global forex traders each trading day. The Sound Alert is always very helpful in any indicator which has it built in because in this way, you do not have to sit like a hawk in front of the chart and keep staring at it, thus straining your eyes more and more.
The added advantage of using Metatrader charts is that the investor can manage multiple accounts at any given time.
Currently, MetaTrader Chart 4 is the most commonly preferred type, although there is also another type known as MetaTrader 5 charting package. This tool offers the financial market investor the most effective way to analyze the market. As such, MetaTrader charts provide one way through which these goals can be attained with a higher level of accuracy.
While for most of us using a mouse with your computer has become second nature, traders look at it is a slower way to execute a trade. Today, in the third installment of our MetaTrader forex trading guide, we’re going to have a bit of a look around the main screen to try and familiarize ourselves with the most common functions, such as setting up charts to look the way that you want them to or adding technical analysis indicators. At the bottom of the screen is the ‘Terminal’, which contains six tabs: Trade, Account History, Alerts, Mailbox, Experts and Journal. Many traders find it useful to watch the same symbol in multiple time frames, but if you don’t have enough room on your screen to make this practical, you can switch between them using these toolbar icons. You can do this within MetaTrader by using the drawing tools, the most common of which have their own icons in the toolbar. TradersDNA offers premiere resources for trading and investing education, digital resources for personal finance, market analysis and free trading guides. The most lightweight of them are Garuda Berjangka Trader (sized at 412,546) and PaxForex MT (sized at 438,890), while the largest one is Dragon Age II with 2,022,044,866 bytes.
Do not enter trade when the Blue lines (bands) are too narrow as it shows little volatility in the market. Furthermore, using MetaTrader charts has no fees which can be a huge savings for you over the long run.
MetaTrader charts can have the currency pair the investor is trading to be displayed on the interface in real-time.

MetaTrader charts have proven over the past decade to be a complete one-stop source for all of your charting needs. The binary options traders can be enabled to know beforehand the projections of their options or approximate value of their underlying assets after the deadline for that specific trade has been reached. Premium resources and information news, data and Forex trading analysis for institutional and retail forex traders. I am still experimenting with the Level II (DOM) to incorporate it into my trading plan, but its helpful to see the trade volumes that are being passed through (STP) the ECN. Either way both are useful tools used in the foreign currency trading and binary options sector. This way, the investor can make timely decisions in regard to what to sell or buy in the binary options market.
The investor or trader can analyze these charts for the currency pairs they are trading and conclusively determine just what the overall trends will be like. For instance, the ‘Account History’ tab shows all of your previous activity including closed orders, and the ‘Trade’ tab which gives a range of data for all of your open trades and orders, including symbol, trade entry price, stop loss levels, take profit levels, closing price and profit or loss. TradersDNA offers you information, data, technical analysis, forex education, forex social media resources and forex technology, from the best forex brokers, thought leaders, forex traders, forex technology providers sorted by country, regulation, dealing, trading platform, payment methods and trading conditions. For Traders many feel that using hotkeys allows for quicker and less clumsy reaction times which is critical in getting in and out of trades. Last but not least if you ever get stuck using MetaTrader 4 you can always use the hotkey F1 which will open the help window. TradersDNA is a new digital source for retail and institutional Forex traders, industry leaders and capital market players offering useful resources, research, the latest breaking information, news, Forex PR, and receive an in-depth analysis of latest events. Ease-of-use, platforms free binary trading services, binary option indicator metatrader robot.

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