When opening a trading account with this broker the minimum required account balance is generally US$10,000. Desktop trading, with their Trader Workstation (TWS), is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. This broker has a wide range of apps and educational products to help you trading with them and with trading in general.
The trader’s glossary and a list with all exchanges from around the world will help you get more familiar with the trading world. International exposure was the greatest value that I came out with from Interactive Brokers and actually gave me the gateway to my new venture. When I sit down to write my biography in my future life, Interactive Brokers will take up a big chapter for their positive influence in my life as a young and upcoming trader.
Lastly, let me say that Interactive Brokers is one place were traders get to lower their trading costs while at the same time maximizing on returns. You can choose the way you pay these commissions, so this way you can adjust it to the way you trade. These feeds stream right in to their trading platform software, where you can view and act on them. They teach you how to use their systems, how trading stocks, options and forex works in depth.
There are apps that explain how their products work, but there is also a traders calendar that lists the complete schedule of trading holidays and expiration dates for all asset types on all exchanges around the globe.

I was able to meet many developers across the 23 countries they have offices since my trading revolved around approximately a hundred markets.
It is the wish of every trader to have an express access to stocks which is what the company offered me.
This software allows you to initiate your trades, monitor your trades, see all pending trades, set alerts and view charts and news. Although mobile devices are very convenient to trade on the go or keep an eye on your trades when you are away from your desk, I have the experience that they are more prone to losing a connection and not showing live numbers any more. Again, like the desktop trading software, the interface is customizable to your liking and new tab pages with specific data and symbol information are easy to create. Their lists of products and exchanges from which you can trade these products are very impressive and they offer probably anything you could and want to trade. And an options calculator, an options strategy widget that visually explains options strategies and a Traders’ University Courses app that will try to help beginning traders learn to trade and advanced traders to trader better. Their mockery increased when I chose Interactive Brokers as my official trading partner but I could not listen to any of that nonsense.
Making new friends and business partners was the highest point of my working with Interactive Brokers and I am grateful to their management for accepting me. Low fees, fast execution, super reliable, definitely not a bucket shop… Number one of my list of top brokers I would recommend to anyone.
So, you generally pay this fee only if your account is stagnant or if you trade very rarely.

I have moved to other business ventures away from forex trading and continuing the engagement would not have been tenable. The traders that use this broker are usually traders with some experience, that know what they want and need. And as long as you trade enough and rack up a high enough amount of commissions that you would build up anyway, then you don’t have to pay this fee. All in all, my working relations with Interactive Brokers were more than any person can dare to imagine. I stood strong and as I speak today, I pay great tribute to Interactive Brokers for taking me to the highest level of forex trading amid many challenges. Since I might not be making a return to trading, I plan to recommend some of my friends who are active in trading and I know they will embrace the idea warmly. That being said, traders who do not have many years of trading experience can also benefit from using this broker because of the many trading tools and educational products that try to guide you and help you learn and become a better trader.

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