Comparison of Exports and Imports between 2006 and 2007 are affected by changes in trade associated with VAT carousel fraud (MTIC) and by EU enlargement in January 2007.
Comparison of Exports and Imports to other EU Member States between 2006 and 2007 are affected by changes in trade associated with VAT carousel fraud (MTIC) and by EU enlargement in January 2007. Trade – 21 website design This layout combines character and a professional look, opening your company to a larger audience.
Trade – 24 website design This well presented, clean and inviting mechanic template uses boxed features and a cool colour scheme giving easy user navigation. Trade – 59 website design Strong, bold and distinctive, ideal for those looking for a more modern feel. Trade – 96 website design A light and airy design combined with relevant graphics and images. Trade – 161 website design Simple and clean, this template revolves around images and succinct text.
Trade – 167 website design With a professional looking design, this layout is perfect for revolving around a single theme.

Trade – 171 website design A clean template that is perfect for promoting a trade online. Trade – 201 website design Elegant and classy, this platform is ideal for any vehicle enthusiast wanting to display a collection or sale.
Customers have reacted positively to the added functionality of the new website, which features a quick shop feature for busy customers who need to top up their stock but do not have the time to browse. Most notably, the new website offers a platform which allows Tobar’s dedicated customer service team to assist its customers more efficiently.
Chris Dixon commented: “The website fits with the Tobar brand going forward, providing consistency and confidence in a high quality toy and gift wholesaler.
The 2007 data is provisional, and subject to the normal updates in overseas trade statistics relating to late receipt and amendments of trade declarations. However, adjustments are not made to import statistics and therefore, in some cases, trade has been allocated to the region where the head office is situated.
As they are now calculated on a physical flow rather than fiscal transaction, there is no satisfactory method to allocate this trade to a region.

This will include revised data for the first four quarters of 2007 and a set of new regional trade statistics figures for first quarter 2008. The website also generates a list of recommended products that allows customers to take advantage of toys and gifts to suit their target markets. Trade is mainly allocated to a region by the postcode associated with a company's VAT registration, and aggregated tables are produced to facilitate time series analysis.
We recommend that independent professional advice is obtained before you make any investment or trading decisions.

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