DAS Trader PRO Proprietary Trading Software gives you a wealth of charting capabilities and timing indicators. The Account box allows you to see your buy powers, realized and unrealized gains & losses, trade tickets and share amounts. Dynamically updating Time & Sales windows list detailed trade information as it occurs in real time, instantly displaying a color coded list of every trade executed for a security.
This window contains two separate areas which dynamically track your positions and buying power.

The Orders box lets you see your open orders in real-time, so you never lose track of where your order is in the market. Both of these boxes together help you manage your risk and maximize your trading potential. This incredibly insightful tool helps you gauge the support and resistance of certain price points and determine the volume behind each trade.
This type of up-to-the-tick analysis is an incredible advantage for active traders targeting quick momentum moves or for investors that want the best buy or sell price for their longer term trading strategies.

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