As the last move on the day that the NBA’s free agency season finally kicked into gear, Pau Gasol agreed to a new¬†deal with the Chicago Bulls. We are only two years removed from a five-year streak where Gasol was a top 20 fantasy player, so to think that the big Spaniard is washed up would be a big mistake. If Gasol can get the 29 minutes I project for him in Chicago, he should last somewhere in the 80’s and that feels about right.
The Houston Rockets thought they had gotten Pau Gasol back in early December before the NBA vetoed the blockbuster Chris Paul trade. The problem for Houston is that the Lakers aren’t interested in any of the pieces they can offer except point guard Kyle Lowry, who is a guy the team plans to build around. Well, even if they were willing to deal Lowry to get Gasol they learned this weekend that he’ll be out for the next two to four weeks with a bacterial infection.
Houston had been offering either Goran Dragic or Jonny Flynn plus Luis Scola and a draft pick in exchange for Gasol, but there is no way the Lakers would bite on such a proposal.

The Lakers are well aware that they need to get younger and more athletic, and that they need upgrades at both point guard and small forward.
Andrew Bynum’s emergence this season has made Gasol more expendable, but thinking the Lakers would just give him away for a few extra pieces is silly. As always, we’ll keep you updated on this as things develop but as of now the Lakers are probably keeping Gasol and he is definitely not heading to Houston. If the lakers trade Gasol they won’t win anything who will spell brynum for relief, they need to make a deal to get odom back. Last season, on the train wreck Lakers, Gasol showed what he can do, even though there were public disagreements between he and former coach Mike D’Antoni. With Boozer now likely out, I’d imagine Gasol should slot into his role, with the only thing complicating that theory is the addition of Nikola Mirotic. I get the feeling Gasol will be overlooked due to Gibson and Mirotic’s presence, so you may be able to get him at a bargain.

They’d rather keep Gasol and try to add a point guard through free agency or the draft. That said, they won’t bring back slight upgrades in exchange for an All-Star like Gasol. Once again though, he was bothered by injury, playing only 60 of 82 games, after suiting up for only 49 the year before. I think slotting Gasol at around 29 minutes seems about right, playing both the four and the five, pushing Mirotic over the three to play with Dunleavy and McDermott. So, it’s a fair assumption that a healthy Rose and the addition of Gasol, could move the Bulls up a notch or two in the pace department.

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