Developer Bungie has confirmed that players won't be able to trade items in Destiny, at least not for a while, and each and every one of the Guardians will have to work for his gear. Although the game will have a pronounced role-playing game influence, complete with an extensive loot system, player won't be able to do any item trading in order to improve their gear. Destiny is set for launch on September 9, coming to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Destiny is all about working with others, as an MMO shooter, but you won't be able to trade items with other players.
Bungie confirmed the lack of trades when asked about it in the weekly update answering fan questions. While items can't be swapped between players, they can be swapped between your own characters.

Ask us again once you have mastered the six classes that you'll have access to in Destiny, and we'll show what we learned while we watched you do it."And, finally, Dague confirmed that players will have to go through the Orbit process when travelling from one location to another.

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