Trading in an old car was once the Achilles' heel of car buying, exposing owners to lowball offers and complicated negotiations. Shoppers love the convenience of trading in, since it completes all auto-related chores in one dealership visit. Before you begin exploring trade-in alternatives, you should have a baseline figure on what your car is worth.
AutoTrader's Instant Trade-In Offer: Long known for used-car classifieds, the AutoTrader Web site now offers to appraise your trade-in, give you an up-front price and connect you with dealers.
It's important to understand that AutoNation Direct isn't trying to distinguish itself by offering the best trade-in prices, says Simon Smith, its national sales director.
Factory Trade-In Programs: These alternatives are really for a future trade-in, not the current one.

While it is nice to get an instant offer, the "instant" part only applies to the e-mail you get: It actually takes longer at the dealership than a typical trade-in appraisal.
Some customers have found that the best way to dispose of their old cars is to negotiate a deal for a new car elsewhere, then sell their old one to CarMax, where the prices are typically better than at a traditional dealership. From up-front price quotes to guaranteed trade-in values to car-buying consultants who handle the entire transaction via the Web, dealers are providing smoother transitions between your old car and your new one.
Also, check online classified ads and find cars comparable to the one you want to trade in. The site lists dealers who will either give you a check for your car or a value for trading it in on a new car.
Another effective strategy is to get the CarMax estimate and list the vehicle for about $1,000 over the CarMax offer in a free online classified.

For example, Subaru's Guaranteed Trade-In Program states how much a Subaru dealer will give you for the car when you bring it back later as a trade-in.
The entire transaction can be concluded at the car buyer's home or office, including the trade-in.
The buyers can, in a sense, see into the future and know what their new car will be worth as a trade-in.

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