The Indian market is expected to trade rangebound on Friday tracking mixed trend seen in other Asian markets. Investment in stock or commodity market are subjected to market risk, before taking free trial & any services with Research Via, client should read disclaimer, terms and conditions, refund policy of the company.
The Indian market is expected to trade lower on Tuesday tracking muted trend seen in other Asian markets. Ticker symbol – Each publicly traded company has a unique ticker symbol comprised of one to five letters.

Support levels – The price where the stock finds support and demand from buyers increases. Indicators – Calculated values that provide predictions on demand, stock momentum and trends. It's important to learn the finer points of online stock trading, for beginners especially. And even though many terms in the stock business seem like they should be self-explanatory, they’re not.

We’ve come up with a list of stock trading lingo that will help you navigate this strange new world.

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