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Check in for additional up to date station listings here, or view the full station listings in the main menu. Another big winner came from Terry Tillman, who analyzes software stocks for the Raymond James investment firm. My maven for micro-cap stocks is Daniel Abramowitz, of Hillson Financial Management, in Rockville, Md. Donald Yacktman, one of my favorite managers, is stepping down from the helm of his eponymous funds in favor of his son Stephen, who has co-managed the funds for 12 years.

The Value Line Investment Survey, my secular bible, offers four recommended portfolios of 20 stocks each. Look for areas that do well when the economy picks up and that can withstand a rising interest-rate environment.
New Oriental Education & Technology Group (EDU), which dominates the market for private educational services in China, jumped 62% in a year when Chinese stocks as a whole rose only about 10%. A member of the Kiplinger 25, the fund has been in the top one-third of its category four years in a row, so it has to be doing something right.
For 2014, he likes Material Sciences (MASC), a tiny (market capitalization: $97 million) maker of lightweight alternatives to stainless steel.

We recently looked at 15 measures of value, including price relative to earnings and to book value (assets minus liabilities), and stock prices relative to bond yields and commodity prices. For 2014, he offers Tower Group International (TWGP) as a potentially rewarding stock, albeit a risky one. He predicts that revenues will rise 32% in the fiscal year that ends in January 2014 and 31% in the year that ends in January 2015.

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