Graham Packaging Company (NYSE:GRM) – This $665 million packaging company saw its stock price move after a significant earnings release.
Somaxon Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:SOMX) – While tiny drug developer Somaxon has paid stock promoters to pump its stock in the past, this year’s pop was more above board – it was predicated on some FDA news on its newest drug.
China Swine Genetics (OTC:CSWG) – This bizarre Chinese pig breeding stock got legs – and the attention of traders – when it was featured on a prominent penny stock promotion website. While it sounds anti-intuitive, trying to search out one of the top gaining stocks is a great way to lose your shirt in the market. Even though the biggest gains are typically impossible to predict there are telltale signs that can help you find the stocks that are most likely to produce a big pop.
There’s no question that finding the next triple-digit gaining penny stock is a tall order.
Jonas Elmerraji, CMT, is the co-editor of STORM Signals and Penny Stock Fortunes, and a contributor to Agora Financial’s Trend Playbook.

How does one determined which penny stocks are be pumped and or manipulated to attract then bury investors. The Penny Sleuth Penny stocks, options, and emerging market plays offer some of the best gain potential in the investment world.
In the investing world, I’d disagree… Instead, for investors, it’s insane to be presented with a slew of data on Wall Street’s best performing stocks and not to look for a common thread to try to reproduce their gains.
With tons stock promoters pumping their latest clients’ stocks, small-time investors opining their latest trades, and brokers trying to nickel and dime you on commissions, it can be overwhelming. The Penny Sleuth features unbiased and independent analysis on penny stocks, OTCBB, options and more!
This is perhaps the toughest step toward penny stock profits since not everyone has the financial acumen to piece together a trading system. While OTC plays may be a bit riskier than their exchange-traded brethren, they also accounted for 40% of 2010’s top gainers.

But by taking a look at penny stock plays that actually made massive gains in 2010, we can better prepare ourselves to make sizable gains in the future. But even though 2010’s top gaining penny stocks didn’t give many hints to investors, three things could have increased your probability of catching one of them. Making 9% in a week on a diversified basket of penny stocks is much more desirable than making 500% per year on a single risky play… Focusing on high-probability trades increases the chances that you’ll run into a top gainer on your own (like we did with TUES).

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