I love it when i have a list of top penny stocks to watch and potentially buy to blog about. Such as $PLUG, this top penny stock  that I blogged HERE has ripped over 100% already from when i first alerted it to my best trading students HERE . But lets get to the nitty Gritty and show case the Top 6 penny stocks to watch as I said i surely would! It was a bit of a mile stone today and its all thanks to knowing what Penny Stocks to Buy and having a solid background of knowledge trading small caps and penny stocks.

It gives me that winning feeling like the next big penny stock pick is about to breakout and rake us in some HUGE PROFITS! Now these are not just random penny stocks I pulled out of my arse and decided to throw out here on my blog. This is why it is so gosh dang important that you understand my strategy and you can utilize my penny stock watch list that i send out every day as we have been monitoring this stock for weeks. Penny stocks that trade "Over-the-Counter" (OTC) or on the Pink Sheets are subject to wild swings that can leave investors holding the bag on a worthless stock.For investors who picked up one of this week's top penny stocks, the risks were worth it.

Now, check out the top penny stock gainers this week…This Week's Top Penny Stock GainsMaverick Minerals Corp. At Money Morning, we focus on penny stocks listed on major exchanges like the NYSE and Nasdaq.

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