After an amazing first quarter, the Nasdaq and five Nasdaq listed penny stocks started the second quarter with a bang. After dropping -59% in 2011 and having only gained about 5% until Monday, the penny stock QuickLogic Corp. A total of 2,062 trades were exectued on the Nasdaq penny stock CYBI for a total volume of 804,106. Trading penny stocks is risky - at least that's what the general consensus would have you believe.

For what was a sporadically traded sub penny stock for most of the year, NanoTech Gaming Inc.
News that corporate insider Samuel Lynch, President and CEO of BMTI, reported to the SEC three purchases of the penny stock BMTI provided investor optimism. The purchases took place between March 29th and 30th and totaled 70,000 shares of the BioMimetric Therapeutics stock.
Penny stocks that trade "Over-the-Counter" (OTC) or on the Pink Sheets are subject to wild swings that can leave investors holding the bag on a worthless stock.For investors who picked up one of this week's top penny stocks, the risks were worth it.

Now, check out the top penny stock gainers this week…This Week's Top Penny Stock GainsMaverick Minerals Corp.

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