Just fill out the form below, and you will receive stock picks and trading strategies from me in the future. This is because they want to see if there are any trending stocks that they can add to their watchlist or stock buying list.
The stocks are ranked by their trends and are label with a score of +100 (Very Bullish) by the MarketClub software.

MarketClub uses Smart Scan to scan the market and give recommendations on what stocks to buy. Based on a pre-defined weighted trend formula for chart analysis, each stock is analyzed on a scale from -100 (strong downtrend) to +100 (strong uptrend). Ia€™ve found many stocks in the past from MarketClub that went up over 50% in a matter of days and I believe that I will find more of those stocks in the future.

Markets that they scanned include stock, foreign exchange, future, index and mutual funds.

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