SARASOTA — Wireless communications provider xG Technology received a patent for a new approach to designing wireless networks.
Sarasota-based xG’s new network will overcome previous design efficiencies, a statement says. And while a handful of other new apartment projects are planned or under construction in St.
Beyond the new tower, Lehoux says Kucera has its sights on buying properties or into development opportunities.
Already, there is 500,000 square feet of speculative space that is being built, says Rian Smith, a first vice president with commercial brokerage firm CBRE Inc. Much of the new development is highlighting updated building features that modern distributors are seeking: higher ceiling heights, high-end sprinkler systems, on-site trailer parking and other features.
Ridge’s new building in Polk County, for instance, has a 32-foot clear ceiling height, up from a standard-sized 24-foot clear. Bill Gonnering, a principal with commercial brokerage Investment Properties Corp., in Naples, says he knows of “nothing that’s being built for distribution” in Lee County, because land costs make such development prohibitive. Total vacancy at the end of the third quarter totaled 7%, down from 7.4% in the second quarter, but that figure includes older, functionally obsolete space, brokers say. But with the increased activity has come a rush by equity funds, real estate investment trusts and others to fund or build new industrial product.
Merriman says one of the key parts of his new role with the holding company will be to help guide all three Gateways through the complicated regulatory challenges. Feldman and partners Tower Realty Partners and Second City Capital Partners added to the buzz when they undertook a multimillion renovation to upgrade the 190,000-square-foot building’s lobby, add a concierge desk, enhance elevator systems and restrooms and improve parking garage lighting. The Building Owners and Managers Association of Tampa Bay has awarded Tampa City Center its “Earth Award” in its “Outstanding Building of the Year” program for 2015.

The crux of the problem is an RCS Capital subsidiary, Cetera Financial Group, with nearly 10,000 brokers and investment advisers, is mired in a series of financial and management issues. The Arkansas banks are part of a new wave of out-of-state banks that picked up failed or struggling franchises in Florida.
When Oakes sold Pam’s Motor City in January, she quickly launched a product that helps solve one of the most annoying car problems today: the check-engine light that turns on when you haven’t twisted the gas cap on tightly.
FORT MYERS – NeoGenomics has created new cancer tests that can help physicians monitor tumors without the need for tissue biopsies.
Early detection of potential resistance may alert the treating physician to develop a new strategy for therapy or for a combination of therapies that may overcome resistance, the company says. The new technology will incorporate cognitive radio techniques and provide improved quality of service over the previous network, the statement adds.
Conforti listed the company for sale in early 2011, using American Business Brokerage in Sarasota. Plans being considered now call for roughly 300 apartments, an 80-room boutique hotel, and as many as 800 new parking spaces in a new building. From Lakeland and Plant City, for instance, distributors can reach roughly 18 million residents within a day’s drive.
In what he calls a “people institution,” maintaining relationships with members is always the top priority.
There are still elements of Dodd-Frank that haven’t been implemented yet, and new accounting standards will be in play next year. RCS Capital’s CEO recently resigned, Moody’s downgraded the firm’s corporate credit rating and the firm’s stock is in jeopardy of being delisted by the New York Stock Exchange, among other problems. She and her husband, Ralph, own the Foot Landing in Punta Gorda, which carries shoes from names such as Asics and New Balance, in addition to apparel and accessories.

The new store will be 1,700 square feet, an addition of some 500 square feet that will allow the business to add a juice bar and nutrition center and increase its clinic and coaching offerings.
The store opened in December 2012 at a point when Punta Gorda was adding trails and pathways to the city, including Harborwalk and Linear Park. On a price-to-tangible-book, a common measure in bank valuations, Arkansas-based banks have led three of the top five richest acquisition deals in Florida since January 2014, according to data compiled by SNL Financial. It has acquired nine Florida banks in this cycle, including two on the Gulf Coast: Florida Traditions Bank in Dade City and Florida Business BancGroup, parent of Bay Cities Bank in Tampa.
Of the top five Florida deals, Arkansas banks paid the most on a price-to-tangible-book measure in three of those since 2014, according to SNL Financial. Florida’s statewide foreclosure rate has ranked in the top five nationally each month in 2015. NeoGenomics recently announced it has added two new tests that will help physicians monitor patients with certain kinds of lymphoma and leukemia.
While Sarasota is an arts-infused city, acknowledges Vicente, marketing director at the Sarasota Opera, that means people have a lot of options. The average age of those new clients is 32, bringing the overall average member age at the credit union down to 44. She most recently served as a principal planner for Rhode Island, the statement adds, where she worked on new strategic housing and economic development plans.

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