In this case, the trader only has to determine if the price of the underlying asset is going to be up or down once the option expires. The trader must determine if the price of the underlying asset is going to reach or not a determined level of prices before the expiration of the option. In general, these options allow the traders to trade with binary options tailored to their trading strategies. Thanks to this feature, these options are ideal for traders who are interested in short-term operations, mainly in highly volatile markets and instruments such as Forex, oil and gold for example. Two examples of pairs of assets to trade with these options are Google vs Facebook and Silver vs Gold. It requires a minimum deposit of $100 and offers several advantages as a welcome bonus up to $250, an account manager, web-based trading platforms and for mobile devices, risk management tools, a number of educational e-books (Beginners Guide), educational videos on binary options, consumer protection insurance and alerts and market updates.

It is based on the famous platform specializing in binary options SpotOptions and features a design that incorporates multiple trading functions such as updated quotes of the underlying markets and price charts among others.
Basically, when a binary option is near its expiration time and the investor predicts that the market will continue in the same direction , TopOption offers the possibility of doubling the option to just make a click on the button This Double Up the platform opens a new position with the same conditions as the original, but with the current price of the underlying asset.
It is an option that can be used in those transactions in which the customer believes that the option will finish Out The Money due to the conditions presented by the market, which is a tool created to limit losses trader. These options can be created and modified according to the needs and trader's trading strategies. Because it is a trading platform designed specifically for binary options transactions of various kinds, has several tools for managing operations that allow the opening of new positions and control of the options that are still active. However, Buy Me Out has the limitation that it can only apply to one hour prior to the expiration of the option, and only allows you to recover a percentage of the amount invested .

Through this tool, the trader has the ability to set the main parameters of the option contract , including the underlying asset, the expiration period , the return offered by the option (if it expires In The Money ) and risk level associated .
Includes BuyMeOut function , through which the trader can sell an option back to the broker at any time ( while the option is active ) , of course for a fee.

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