CMC Markets, one of the leading providers of financial spread betting has announced the launch of its brand new trading platform. The new trading platform has been completely re-built from the ground up and includes some great new functionality including trading from charts, transaction-based stop losses, and drag and drop technology. CMC Markets has also developed a brand new pricing engine which means that all trades are executed automatically with no dealer intervention and best of all, no re-quotes.

CMC Markets has also completed a brand repositioning with a very clear focus on customer championship and the continuous delivery of fair outcomes to their customers.
The new platform has been designed around a number of integral themes to spread betters: usability, transparency and customisation. Visit CMC Markets to sign up for a free, unlimited usage demo account of their new trading platform and access to live prices.

Please remember that when spread betting on a live account, losses can exceed your initial deposit, so ensure you understand the risks involved.

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