Maverick starts his presentation video with a series of fake testimonials to get your attention and then he tells you the usual story of a guy that has a binary options trading system that generates lots of money.
On the Binary Vault page you will also find some fake awards and a badge from Binary Verify, which we know is a scam web site created to support binary options scams.But Maverick gives away a very tangible proof of the Binary Vault being a scam. And 12 minutes later on the right screenshot you can see that as the price moved in the wrong direction, the options were changed to Put (-) on the go.Moreover you can also see that the Total Profit is after 12 minutes $125 bigger, although no options were closed in the meantime!
Not only Binary Options Watch Dog is recommending this obvious scam, but they also faked proofs to make it look legit. And there is more, because somebody posted his welcome e-mail from Virtnext, and it was signed by Michael Freeman himself! Well, Simon Saunders is not even trying to explain the absurd giveaway of profitable trading bot, he just says that his system is different because of the high percentage of winning trades.
Saunders just needs you to open a binary options account with a broker, because that will earn him affiliate commissions.

End of story.We keep repeating it, you can make money trading binary options, but you have to learn and trade yourself with a reputable broker. It is supposed to be a binary options trading system that should give you very accurate trading signals.There are a lot of signs that it is in fact a scam and not a working system, but the best proof is the way it is being promoted in different countries.
But the system is obviously the same, graphics are the same or very similar.So the same fake story is used over and over again in different countries and different languages.
A supposed CareerJournal (Giornale Lavoro, whatever) is doing an interview with the concerned mom. If you trade binary options with SearchingProfits or CollectingProfits signals, you will very likely lose your money.There is no free money, binary options trading will make you money for free.
They are easier to understand, you can make money with them, but you first have to learn to trade, nobody will do it for you. A guy called Paul Ring tells you a story about a trader called Nick Knolls who invented a profitable trading system.Ring says that Knolls discovered a loophole in the Australian dollar that he can exploit.

If you join, the first thing they will force you to do is to open a binary options trading account with their broker (BigOpiton at this time).
Because when you do that, these scammers will get their affiliate commission from the broker.
Trading binary options can be profitable, be you have to learn some basics before you can earn money with them. I tried the Oz Robot system taking into account all the marketing hype around the win rate.

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