THE new taxes on financial transactions and bank assets will definitely be passed on to consumers. However, it is not yet clear how much deposit taking institutions will be able to recover or if the costs associated with collecting the taxes that will be paid over to the Government will translate into fees in excess of the taxes themselves.
Come June, a levy of 0.1 per cent is to be charged on all ABM withdrawals, cheques, Internet transfers, encashments at securities dealers and point of sales transactions. The Government also plans to raise an additional $1.788 billion from an 80 per cent increase in the asset tax for deposit-taking entities regulated by the Bank of Jamaica.
National Commercial Bank said the new fees won't be so clear cut given the high degree of competition in the local market. Assuming that the withdrawal tax goes forward, there will be technological changes in how the bank operates, Hylton told investors at the company's investors briefing held at its Wellness and Recreation Centre on Friday.
As for the increase in the rate at which the asset of institutions, such as NCB will be taxed, Hylton indicated that the imposition of the tax concerned the bank.

Still, it appears that the financial institution is banking on possible changes to the proposals. You must follow the guidelines on tax penalties for early 401(k) withdrawals before you start taking money out of your 401(k). First of all, if you plan on drawing from your 401(k) and you’re under 59 ? years old, you will be facing the 10 percent tax penalty. Combining the 10 percent tax penalty with the 20 percent holding means that if you withdraw $10,000, you’ll have to pay $3,000. A 401(k) early withdrawal will not only result in tax penalties, but you will lose out on a large sum of money you could’ve accumulated in your 401(k) had you let the money grow over time. Consider also that if your funds are averaging a 7 percent return and you plan to retire at age 60, 10 years from the withdrawal date your $50,000 that you used would have been worth at least $98,000. But before rushing to use your hard-earned 401(k) money to pay for these expenses, consider the tax penalties for 401(k) withdrawals — they can largely impact your finances.

That tax penalty is not withheld automatically from the distribution, so you will have to account for this when you file your tax return. The good news is that you have some months before it’s due, which allows you to save up the amount you potentially owe. Although paying for school seems like a valid reason to withdraw from your 401(k) early, you’ll still get hit with a tax penalty. Now, the $20,000 with 18 percent interest is paid off in 9 years rather than 15, and you pay only $6,623.18 in interest — this is clearly a better alternative to an early 401(k) withdrawal that will cost you $7,000 plus lost interest.
The only way to avoid the 10 percent early withdrawal tax penalty is to use an IRA distribution to pay for college.

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