Yes, you can do stock trading in US by creating an account on your name from one of the online stock brokers like Scott trade, Ameritrade, TradeKing, etc.
It is very common for most of the internationals to do delivery based trades, but some may have thoughts about day trading and having it as a full time job.
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I was trying to open a trading account with Merrill Edge and came to know that Merrill Edge requires Green Card. I have a few Questions regarding trading on H1B Visa, I had requested the Admin for some suggestions but didnt get any reply So I am directing the same Qns to U.
If you have made money or have done any transactions, it is a good idea to go to a tax consultant to get help with filing taxes. I wish Merrill Edge would have allowed trading with H1, atleast they charge very reasonable commission .

But Can I hire some1 to daytrade my account as I know someone who r successful in Daytrading US markets and r willing to manage my account.
You will be asked for Social Security Number (SSN) and other details when you signup for the account. The best idea is to talk to customer service of a stock brokerage firm to get more specifics.

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