I’ve even written a free mini-ebook about a strategy for safely swing trading stocks! In this short blog post, I’ll show you my approach to safely swing trading stocks, as well as a couple of other easy risk management tools you can use to help you develop your own strategy for safely swing trading the stock ideas in your portfolio.
There are a few things that are fundamental to any good trading strategy, and a safe swing trading strategy is no exception.
Once you have an idea of your swing trading strategy, there are a few ways you can use technical and fundamental analysis to reduce your risk and improve your safety.
When you set a stop loss 7-8% below your swing trade entry (and 1-3% below recent support levels) then you are guaranteed to have a pretty safe swing trading strategy. Of course the more you learn about technical stock charts the safer you’ll be in your technical swing trading strategy. Ensuring the stocks you’re swing trading have a fundamental margin of safety is the best way to stay out of trouble.
So, now that you’ve reviewed some of the different fundamental and technical tools you can use to come up with a safe swing trading strategy you should be feeling a bit better. But If Not: I encourage you to download my free mini-ebook on how to come up with a safe swing trading strategy.
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This definition can be used to define trading strategy or method regardless of the time frame used. Our main strategy for overnight Swing Trading is based on locating strong or weak stocks (and sectors) in relation to the market and trading these stocks (and ETF's) based on the context of the overall market conditions.
We want to be in sync with the market so if the overall market is strong and has made a run up (UP swing) and has now retraced (DOWN swing)we are looking for LOW RISK trade setups in the strongest stocks and ETF's.
That way if the market decides to make another UP swing we can enter into and hopefully profit from the next price swing (UP swing) in the stocks and ETF's that we have identified as being stronger than the market. Warning: Trading and investing in stocks and options is risky and there is substantial risk of loss of money. Please take a moment to register for our swing trading signals so that you are notified when they are posted. And coming up with a safe swing trading strategy for your stock picks is actually easier than you think. And for me, this fundamental approach to safe swing trading underpins how my stock idea selection strategy. Just fill out the form below this blog post to get in-depth access to my safe swing trading strategy.
I'm a value investor but, I use swing trading techniques to manage my position sizes and risk.

Consider short-selling swing trading strategies to align your trading with market direction. Seek the advice of the SEC and a Certified Financial Advisor before exposing your wealth to the risks of trading. We also intend to align our short-term swing trade strategies to the short side in the next few days. So I recommend using a stock market simulation and then developing a simple trading plan once you’re seeing some positive results. After all, the safest swing trading strategy is one you build without risking any of your hard-earned money.
That’s why these online simulators are so great for testing out new stock trading ideas.

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