Just notice that this forex chart below, the market is in an uptrend and price is rising but during its rising, its also falling back down. When price is consistently moving up, forming Higher Highs and Higher Lows, this is called an uptrend. When the price is consistently moving down, forming Lower Highs and Lower Lows, this is called a downtrend.
This could have been the Start of an Uptrend (end of the downtrend) but it did not last as price still continued to swing lower-still in downtrend. If a swing trader enters a trade on these locations, they would stand to make a lot more profits when the market trends nicely. Advanced Swing Trading Strategies-Much More Advanced Swing Trading Strategies, may involve technical analysis and price action trading, for advanced swing traders. Some swing traders use swing trading strategies that allow them to enter on price pullbacks.
In an upward trending market, a price pullback happens when price goes down and forms a Higher Low (or sometimes this can be also reffered to a Higher Swing Low) and then moves back up again from there. One of the keys to successful swing trading is finding the the best moment to enter swing trades right where these pullbacks end or just about to end or when the pullbacks end and the market is starting to trend again. Many new forex traders wonder what is the difference between swing trading vs day trading (or day trading vs swing trading).
But with day trading, any trade that is opened during the day will be closed during the day, it can be for a few minutes to some hours. Forex Scalping Trading Is a part of day trading where traders open positions and close it very quickly sometimes in a few minutes looking for very smaller profits. These days, the boundary between swing trading and day trading is not really a line drawn in concrete.
One day… I remember this day very clearly, it was back  in 2008, I just placed a buy trade(or you may also call it a long trade) in EURUSD during the London Trading Market Session based on my swing trading system. There was a massive red candlestick that formed with such lightning speed that my stop loss was not even triggered. When I day trade, I look to keep my trade for hours and use those hourly price swing for for my trade entries as well as managing my trade. Sometimes I enter trades based on day trading entries but if and when price moves favourably then I leave my trades running and these trades then become  swing trades where I can leave profitable trades running for days. When I know that some clowns are going to open their mouths to speak,I stay out of the market even when a swing trade setup is happening on my forex trading chart. You just need to pay attention to the news items highlighted in red, because these often move the forex markets big time.
Warning: Trading and investing in stocks and options is risky and there is substantial risk of loss of money. Please take a moment to register for our swing trading signals so that you are notified when they are posted. That being said, the chart below of the SPY (SP500 ETF) shows that last Thursday, (the day before Friday options expiry) the put call ratio was showing extreme bullishness. You can get my ETF and Commodity Trading Signals if you become a subscriber of my newsletter.
The Rubber Band Swing Trading Strategy is perfect for beginning swing traders who wish to always trade with the trend and enjoy a high percent win.
More experienced traders can enhance their trading profits by learning and selecting swing trading signals from this strategy that best suits their normal time frame of trading – as this system is extremely flexible when it comes to typical trading holding periods. For all swing traders, we maintain that medium and long term swing trading time frames are the most profitable, as slippage and commission costs are often much more than many traders realize.
The rubber band swing trading strategy waits until price pushes through an an extreme level and then snaps back in reversal. Novice traders (as well as more experienced but unsuccessful traders) should trade the rubber band swing trade strategy on weekly and even monthly charts for a greater chance of success. Once the swing trading window is open, we use a second 40-period Keltner Channel to pinpoint trade entry. Swing Trading Strategy - Short Position OverviewSimilarly, if you are comfortable shorting stocks and the market is trending down, you would look for the opposite of the setup for a long swing trade. Check out the SEC website to familiarize yourself with the risks of trading stocks and other securities.
You might remember our last swing trading signal for GOOG in where we identified a nice reversal. With the AAPL trade we are going against our general sentiment that the broader markets are do for a sharp correction.

Follow this link to learn more specifically about our counter trend swing trading strategy.
The 60-min chart of AAPL shows the recent sell-off and the Keltner bands as required for the trade.
Take a moment to register for our swing trading signals so that you are notified when they are posted. Disclosure: The authors of this website are often trading in the recommended securities and direction of our own signals.
As according to this week’s stock market update, if stocks bounce or become range-bound this week, the rubber band swing trade for AAPL might be a good way to make profits. Powerful swing trading strategy for traders who wish to always trade with the trend and enjoy a high percent win.
This week’s broader stock market action makes for tough choices for traders, as price has been mostly range-bound. BA and IBM hit their upper extremes last week and may present a good place to go short this week according to the rubber band swing trading strategy on the 60-minute chart. As with all 60-minute chart rubber band swing trades do not place overnight entry stop orders. There are two new rubber band swing trade signals along with two old ones that are still valid. We are looking to get short AAPL according to the Rubber Band Swing Trading Strategy. The daily chart of AAPL shows the short swing trading set-up. Today (Wednesday) the market gapped down 1.5% at the opening bell which set a very negative tone for the session. Just before the close on Tuesday I had a buy signal for the SP500 which was generated from the extreme readings on the market internals. This daily chart of the SPY etf clearly shows that when we see panic selling in the NYSE which I consider 15+ sell orders to each buy order to be PANIC SELLING. In short, it’s going to take a day or two before we get a feel for the SP500 as we wait to see if it bounces with volume behind it. The forex channel trading system is one swing trading system where its quite easy to implement and you can get really good profits quite easily. Channel trading in simple terms is when the price is running between (in a channel) support and resistance levels.
Once you’ve drawn your channel, based on the 2 points on both sides of the channel you wait for price to come to either one of these channel lines.
Or set your take profits to 3 times the amount your risked: for example,  if you stop loss is 20 pips then set your take profit target to 60pips. It has a pattern of conistently forming Lower Highs and Lower Lows but when this pattern is disrupted by a formation of peak higher than the previous peak (Lower High), this can be the first signal that the trend may now changing to an uptrend. For example, if a trend is up, a trader will wait until price comes down again and try to enter anticipating an upswing. The website where I keep track of when these forex news and these clowns are scheduled to speak is forexfactory. Consider short-selling swing trading strategies to align your trading with market direction.
This happens because the market markets for individual stocks can slowly walk the prices up and down beyond short term support and resistance levels simply because there is a lack of participation in the market. The yellow high lighted section shows the overnight price surge which is very easy for the big guys to push higher as everyone sleeps. Losing swing traders can start here to change results and find consistent profits in today’s tough markets. Trades jump in swiftly and with precision to grab a quick slice of the counter trend just as it develops.
For day trading the rules change a bit - see the False Breakout Rubber Band Day Trading Strategy in the Day Trading Strategy section for day trading.
Most of the swing trade set-ups we feature are from The Rubber Band Swing Trading Strategy. A swing trader then takes a trading position by reading the price action just as the stock resumes along the predominant trend.Swing trading is a popular method of strategy and there’s a reason why – it has a strong probability factor in it’s favor. That would be a stock trading below the 200-day moving average that has attempted to rally past the 10 or 30-day moving average, but failed. We are not soliciting for you to take these positions – for entertainment purposes only.
A quick look at a simple 60-minute chart of the SPY shows a bull market that has possibly run out of steam.

Both the weekly and daily charts show promise for long set-ups using the rubber band swing trading strategy (click for more info on that strategy). For more information on the Rubber Band Swing Trading Strategy, Click here. Click the chart to enlarge.
We are keeping an eye on AAPL for a possible short sale entry as per the rubber band swing trading strategy.
Consult with a professional advisor and learn about the risks of trading before making a decision involving stocks and other markets.
We will therefore focus on shorter term swing trading set-ups and attempt to capture swing trading profits as price moves back and forth in the larger range.
If a short squeeze develops, there may be swing trading profit opportunity for rubber band swing traders. The rubber band swing trading strategy could end up capturing a large chunk of what might be a major rally in CSCO. I was actually a little surprised that it didn’t make a big move today because the US Dollar rocketed higher for the entire session. It a similar fashion, the forex market breathes and cycles and this is represented by up and down price movements you see on your forex charts. Seek the advice of the SEC and a Certified Financial Advisor before exposing your wealth to the risks of trading. We also intend to align our short-term swing trade strategies to the short side in the next few days. If you are trading daily and 60-minute charts,  make the entry order good for the day only.
Before swing traders participate in trading a stock, it has already proven that it’s got a trend going with some momentum. We are counting on the recent decline in price in the short term to be a rinse job or stop gun exercise and for price to snap back to equilibrium sometime during the week. A pullback in the market right now can be exploited by considering short sale swing trading signals for the short term.
Consider trading GS to the short side – but only if the current up-trend is uninterrupted. AAPL has been getting hammered by Wall Street lately, and while we are not bullish on AAPL stock, we think that there could be opportunity in a short-term swing trade to catch a squeeze.
I always prefer to swing trade in longer time frames as they make considerably more consistent profits and have much lower transaction cost impact on a trading account.
This panic selling tends to carry over for a couple sessions until the majority of traders around the globe are finished selling. If you are trading on 5 minute charts, place your stop loss 10-15pips outside of the channel line. Positions and other watch-list items held for the longer term might find good entry on a broad stock market pullback. Lastly, consider a deep pullback in GS as an opportunity for a long term bullish position in GS.
The trading information [posted on this website is for entertainment and discussion purposes only.
Pass on rubber band swing trades in which you can’t get an execution close to the desired entry price. Leave plenty of room for price to hit its target and just pocket a few extra dollars to pay for transaction costs etc. The authors of this site may be trading these trades and may be long or short these stocks at any time. We were so close to getting a really good setup in either direction but the FOMC meeting shook things up and caused the large gap which in turn made a large group of traders miss that beautiful drop… It’s frustrating when you wait for something only to have a piece of news mess things up. If you are trading in 1hr or 4 hr charts, you stop loss should be 20-50pips outside of the channel line.
Before everyone’s emails were answered personally, but now my focus is on building a strong group of newsletter traders and they will receive direct personal responses regarding trade ideas and analysis going forward. The authors of this website may be trading in alignment with, or contrary to any recommendations at any given time.

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